Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. Thanks so much for joining us!! We hope your New Year is starting out the way you want it to.

Here is this week’s challenge:

How did you get to where you are today? Share the story of your professional journey, the roadblocks you encountered along the way, and your strategy for overcoming those obstacles.

Years ago I started in Los Angeles writing for TV and movies. I had modest success, but I realized I really preferred writing novels. A friend had given me a copy of a book by Kathleen Woodiwiss and I was hooked on romance.

I worked on the first one for several years, meanwhile learning about the craft and the business (very different from scripts). I joined writers’ groups and organizations and the support was wonderful. Unfortunately, at one point I connected with a critique partner and she demoralized me to the point I thought I’d never write again. But my husband told me to never quit, never give up. I realized then that criticism, unless it’s constructive, should be ignored. Some people feel better about themselves when they try to make you feel bad.

So I dug in my heels and kept at it. And I submitted to agents and editors and … lo and behold…I got a contract from a publisher. And I kept writing and more contracts came. But the publishing houses were small and they took years to get a book published. Marketing was up to me. So I discovered self-publishing. Now I am self-published on most of my books and I have a publisher for others.

Sixteen novels and two more in the works, an anthology, and a cookbook with contributions from over seventy romance writers later, the one lesson I remember besides never quitting is that I write because I have no choice. I am a writer. I love that people read my books and enjoy them, but I write because that’s who I am.  

Now let’s jump over to the amazing Jenna DaSie to hear about her journey. 


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