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Hello! Happy Tuesday and welcome. So glad you’ve joined us this week. We love that you’re here!

This is the challenge for this week:

Are you superstitious? Tell us about it.

Okay, I admit it. I am. Now, intellectually, I am sure that whether I wear my lucky earrings or my ‘power’ ring on a specific occasion probably doesn’t make any difference in the outcome of things, my heart just doesn’t want to take the chance of ignoring the possibilities. I have lucky numbers and unlucky numbers and gemstones that make me feel stronger or luckier when I wear them. There are also gemstones that seem cursed for me. As I write this, I realize it all sounds fairly lame, but some things are just too ingrained to ignore.

If I see a hat on a bed, I quickly remove it. Do bad things really come in threes? I think so. And if I spill salt, do I immediately throw some over my shoulder? You bet.

Knock on wood, spit so bad things spoken don’t happen, knock on wood, cross my fingers? Yep. And I will never walk under a ladder if I can help it. When I get a sudden shiver, is someone really walking over my grave (the grave that won’t happen for a very long time if I keep up with these superstitions, that is)?

So, I have to ask myself why. And I suppose it all comes down to a measure of control over things in our lives. Because the truth is, it is uncomfortable to think we cannot control things. So it makes sense that if we follow a prescribed list of universal rules, we can make events go our way or certainly prevent disaster from falling on us or the ones we love.

Honoring age old superstitions strikes me as harmless insurance. Why take the risk of flaunting these beliefs? Especially when it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything? And they had to have come about for a reason, right?


Now let’s hop over to the marvelous PG Forte and hear about her superstitions (or lack thereof). But first, check out her wonderful book:

The Name Game

Atlas Beach is experiencing a retail renaissance—and Carly Meyer is determined to be part of it. But she and her sandwich shop, The Lunch Box, are struggling to stay afloat. Luckily, help is on the way thanks to the Chamber of Commerce’s innovative mentoring program—partnering successful Atlas Beach business owners with some of the newer start-ups. Too bad the mentor assigned to her is the delectable—and highly annoying—Tino DiLuca.


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