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This week’s question is from the very talented Lyra Parish:

How many projects do you currently have started? Can you give us a quick sentence description of each one?

Right this red-hot second, I have three projects in various stages. The first two are romantic suspense. Both are in final editing.

“Jester’s Dance” is the third in the ‘Dance’ series and is on the way to completion. I hope to release it before the end of the year…but you know how that goes sometimes.

Below is a little blurb on each of the three.


Several surprises await Beth Abbott when she returns to her small town. As a detective, she expects very little in the way of interesting crime. But victims of a female serial killer change that. And then, there’s Tom. Another detective with the local force, he wants to capture not only the perpetrator but also Beth’s heart.

“Once Upon a Tablecloth”

Nick Jordan is a restaurant ‘fixer’ as well as an entrepreneur in his own right. When he shows up to help Lily Mercer save her place, he encounters more than he expected. The two must join forces to save the restaurant and their lives and end up finding each other.

“Jester’s Dance”

The Lady Margaret, widowed and lonely, seeks adventure and goes to court disguised as a jester. She falls in love with a handsome Scotsman, Seth, who enlists her help to rescue his family. Together they must face danger, intrigue, and enemies determined to pull them apart. Can their love survive? Can they?

What’s next after these? Not sure yet, but I’m hoping it’ll come to me…

Meanwhile, I still have some others that are already published.

Let’s hop on over to the fabulous Carrie Elks and see what she has working.

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For the US Thanksgiving we’re doing a recipe swap. Give us your best, most favorite yummy. Share the love!

Welcome to out blog hop and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I would love to say the following was passed down through the generations in my family, but the truth is, I don’t remember anyone in my family who could cook. So, I’m not sure where this came from. But, somehow, it found its way onto the menus when we contributed to the Thanksgiving feast. And I think it’s pretty good! And even if you don’t like it, there’s enough alcohol in it so you might not care.

Special (Tipsy) Cranberry Sauce

1 large package (6oz) Strawberry or Raspberry Jello

2 cans whole berry cranberry sauce

1 can pineapple chunks, drained – reserve juice

Cup of walnuts (optional)

1 cup (or a little more) of dry sherry

Make Jello by adding 2 cups boiling water, stirring well, then instead of adding 2 cups cold water, add juice from the canned pineapple and enough sherry to make two cups. Mix into jello. Then add cranberry sauce, pineapple chunks and, if desired, walnuts. Mix well. Put in refrigerator and allow to set (several hours). Enjoy.


Let’s hop over and check out the fabulous A.S. Fenichel’s favorite recipe.

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This week’s question comes the incredibly talented Brenda Margriet:

Brenda Margriet newest

Winter means different things to different people. What do you love about winter? Why not share some of your favorite winter photos from previous years. Have you ever written a book set during winter?

When I was a little girl, winter meant snowmen and sledding and snowball fights and the holidays. Now, without as much time for play, I still love the beauty of an unbroken white field, stretched out as far as I can see. I love snuggling up in front of a roaring fire with a hot drink and good friends. And cozying up to my husband in the cocoon of our bed after a long day. Oh, and did I mention I love sweaters?

Winter comes and goes in my books and I haven’t written one where the season is an important part of the story. Maybe I should. Because winter means Thanksgiving and Christmas and family and friends and joy and good food and presents and remembering to love each other.

I have moved around a lot in my life and I don’t have any photos to share, but I keep images in my heart and sometimes that makes them even more vivid.


Let’s see what the absolutely amazing S.C. Mitchell loves about winter.

S.C. Mitchell

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I came up with this week’s challenge:

 If you’re published, how is the business different than what you expected? If you’re planning to publish, what are your expectations?

When I first started writing novels and submitting them, I expected lots of rejections. And I got ’em. But, even in some of those, there were enough encouraging words. I kept at it and I am happy to say I am published. But the reality is very different from what I expected.

I was around in the days when you submitted to a publisher, they wrote you a contract and, after editing, you sat back and starting working on the next book. Now, with millions of books flooding the market every year, most authors must handle their own marketing and promotion. Social media alone can keep you busy day in and day out. Self-publishing used to be only for the writers who paid for a vanity press. Not anymore. Now it’s another avenue that offers all kinds of opportunities. And learning curves.

I am a hybrid. I am traditionally published and self-published and I spend hours every day keeping up with my writing and managing all the aspects of getting my name out there so readers will, hopefully, buy my books. I am not famous and I am not rich. Okay, that wasn’t really an expectation. But, why not aim high?

The good news is – the business makes your reach exceed your grasp. There is always another goal, another milestone. The most important of these is to ensure that the next book is better than the last. And I work at that every day.

Let’s see what the incredibly talented S. C. Mitchell’s expectations were…

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If you just hopped over from the amazing A.S. Fenichel… welcome.

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This week, another challenge from the very talented Lyra Parish:

When did you realize you would be a writer? Is it something you always knew or did it come about some other way?

We are what we are. Sometimes, it takes a little time to figure it out, with the world so much in the way.

I started working when I was sixteen. I went to school, too, then college. I got my degree in English Literature and Psychology. And I loved the theatre. So it was there. That seed. The need for reading and drama. But, I had to make a living. Like Walter Mitty, I dreamed of being successful in a string of other pursuits, but … I had to make a living.

I would dabble in writing whenever possible, but it took me years to realize I could work a ‘day job’ and still write.  Yes, it was tiring, but when I first put words to paper, it was also an epiphany. Because I finally realized that we can always make time for the important things in life.

I remember times I was composing stories in my head while I was working, scribbling notes on bits of paper so I wouldn’t forget thoughts. I still do that. Finally, though, I was able to quit my ‘day job’. I have so much more time to write now, but there is also laundry and shopping and cooking and errands. And when I find the day slipping away, I look at the placard Kristin Higgins gave out at RWA last year:

“Go away, honey, I’m writing.”

There should be interruptions for nothing less than arterial bleeding or the zombie apocalypse. Okay, fevers over 103 degrees. Because I am a writer first. That is who I am. I will take care of everything else, I promise, as soon as I finish another few words (make that 1000 or so).

Let’s hop over and see what started the incredible Brenda Margriet on her journey.

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This week’s question comes from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie:

What was your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Where were you and what did you do?

My childhood was not traditional, so I didn’t get dressed up every year and go trick-or-treating. I don’t remember any specific activities, so no one party or adventure stands out. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t love Halloween. I do and always have.  It comes when the weather has just turned cool and the leaves are a riot of color. There are giggling children everywhere and people let their imaginations run wild.


Halloween brings the paranormal to life. We believe that spirits rise and walk with us and spooky things surprise from every corner. We tell ghost stories and shiver with delight.


Everyone likes a good (safe) scare now and again and ghosts and goblins are nothing compared to what goes on in real life. Halloween makes terror manageable. And isn’t that nice, for a change!


Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Now, in case you didn’t start at the beginning, let’s hop back to the fabulous Jenna.


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If you’ve just hopped over from the fabulous Brenda Margriet, welcome!

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This week’s question comes from the incomparable Lyra Parish:

How many words have you published or written?

Thousands and thousands. I have published maybe 360,000. But written? Too many to count.

My mother died recently and I was going through old things and found stories I had written when I was five or six.

Years later, I became a certified self-defense instructor. At the end of each class, the students and teachers brought a small, meaningful gift for the group related to their experience. My gifts were short stories about the class and how it helped me grow and become more whole.

I went on to write TV shows and screenplays and, of course, novels. Words on paper express my thoughts so much more effectively than the spoken word. Writing also unleashed my imagination. I can go places and do things and get into the heads of others in a way I could not do with simple daydreams. All I have to do is hours upon hours of research, which luckily I really love.

I travel through time and confront conflicts and, unlike real life, it always comes out exactly as I planned.

So, how many words will I write in the future? I hope thousands upon thousands more. And each time I put words to paper, I want it to be better than the time before.


Let’s go see how many the wonderfully talented A.S. Fenichel has written.

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