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Good morning and happy Tuesday. So glad you decided to join us! We love having you here.

Here is this week’s challenge:

If you could choose one superpower, other than being a writer, which one would it be and why?

When I think about superpowers, there are some I definitely would not want: I don’t want to fly (not without an airplane anyway) or have x-ray vision. There is no appeal to super strength, and reading minds would tend to be very noisy all the time.

But if I really could choose one, it would have to be invisibility. Imagine being able to be anywhere and no one would know. It’s the fulfillment of the old ‘I wish I was a fly on the wall’ scenario. I could be just that. Listening, watching, anonymously. But then I think about it. Do I really want to know all the things I would discover? Do I need to know secrets and eavesdrop on private talks? Hmmm. Maybe. It would probably be very disheartening to know what others really thought. Or maybe enlightening. Or both.

And then what would I do with the information? Could I resist the temptation to repeat what I overheard? Would I remember to be discreet and stop listening when the conversation was clearly private? Would I try to right wrongs? Would I sneak up behind criminals and disarm them? I hope so.

I can think of a thousand possibilities if only I was invisible. But, since I’m not, I’ll have to focus on writing. If I can’t actually experience it, I can always imagine it.

Now let’s hop over to the incredible Jenna DaSie and find out about her chosen superpower…

But first from Jenna…

I entered a 100 word flash fiction contest. My assigned genre was historical fiction, my assigned action was playing a piano and my assigned word was peak.

The distinctive plunk, plunk of the ivory teeth grinds my heart to a stop. The man playing the piano flashes images of chunks of ice and the screams of thousands being dragged under the frigid current to their watery grave through my mind.
I saw the peak of the berg before she hit. The air was still. The moment eerie. Nothing to be seen except the circular puff of air releasing from my mouth.
In an instant, chaos.
The waves lap over the resting place of so many.
Once named unsinkable, now laying in ruins on the ocean floor.


One thought on “Romance Writers Weekly

  1. Judy Hogan Writes

    I would love to be able to fly. I’ve had many dreams where I’m flying. I love watching the birds fly on the air currents outside my apartment windows. I agree, I wouldn’t want to know things that I’m not meant to hear/know. I’m happy to fly with the birds 🙂 😊🌸🦋

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