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Welcome to the hop! This week’s challenge comes from the ever wonderful Jenna Da Sie:

What are some of your favourite famous quotes and why?


“Whether you think that you can, or that you can’t, you are usually right.”

– Henry Ford (1863-1947)

Truer words were never spoken. If I thought I could never write a book, I wouldn’t have.

And now I’ve almost finished Number Ten.


Coming this fall

“Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.”

– Yoda (‘The Empire Strikes Back’)

I love this one because it makes me understand how a lack of commitment can slow you down.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

– Walt Disney (1901-1966)

I have done what I thought was impossible and I have done it more than once. And I keep doing it. And love every minute of it!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou (1928-)

I make a point to remember this. Always.

Thanks so all of the above and so many more for daily inspiration.

And now, back to the top of the hop. Let’s see what the very talented Brenda Margriet chooses as her favorites:

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Welcome to our hop. We’re so glad you’re here! It was my challenge this week:

Describe your perfect day.

Since this is whatever I want it to be, let’s make this the really perfect day!

My perfect day would begin with someone (are you reading this, Husband? Because the dog doesn’t have thumbs) bringing me coffee in bed. Oh wait…first I get to sleep past six. Then, once I’m awake, I go and play racquetball for a half hour (and of course, win). Then, my masseuse is waiting. After an hour massage, I take a long shower and get ready to write.

I sit at my keyboard and several thousand brilliant words just flow. Then, lunch. Which, of course, is ready. One or two of my friends show up and we eat and then go shopping for an hour or so (no, not grocery shopping).

Then, more writing, social media, answering emails.

Dinner has been planned and prepared by someone else and when my husband gets home, I turn off the computer and Bob and I catch up on the day. With a glass of wine.

We eat and go for a walk with the dog, then settle down to watch a little TV (oh, yes, something reality or a really good series).

Then, it’s time for sleep. And an end to another perfect day.

Hey, this is my fantasy, so I get to forget laundry, cooking, errands and all that other stuff, right?

Here’s wishing us all a perfect day every day!

OUATCloth_eBook_PROOF2                     HannahWar_eBook_HighRes

Just re-released!

Now, let’s hop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and see what her perfect day looks like.

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This week’s challenge comes from the remarkable Jenna Da Sie:

What are you doing or did you do for the 4th of July or Canada Day to celebrate? Did you see any good fireworks?

The Fourth of July is a wonderful holiday. It celebrates freedom. I know that’s obvious, but I think sometimes we forget just how precious that is.

I love the fireworks and it’s great to see them lighting up the night sky with brilliant colors. They are beautiful and symbolize the celebration with explosions of joy. And they remind me how grateful I need to be, on every level, for what we have in this country.

I cannot imagine the sheer courage it took for our forefathers to rebel against England and her king. We were this little upstart nation who dared to stand up and say ‘no’ more to tyranny. Amazing.

So, on the Fourth, I thank all those who were so brave and fought and gave up so much so I could be free.


(A different war but still a fight for freedom)

Let’s hop over and see what the incredible Brenda Margriet does to celebrate…

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This week’s challenge comes from the wonderful and talented A.S. Fenichel:

The year is half over! OMG! Tell us about how you organize your world? Do you keep a day planner? Do you use your phone? Is organization important to you or is your life in total chaos and you love it?

My world is partly organized in my head. And by keeping to a routine in the morning. And on post-it notes. I have a hundred multi-colored sticky reminders all over the house. Sometimes they remind me of the stuff I need at the grocery store. And sometimes chores I might otherwise forget. But mostly, they are bits and pieces of whatever book I’m working on at the moment. And I hope someone who does not know I write never comes in and reads them, since I am sure they would call the police. Notes like “Kill (whoever)”, “kidnap (whoever)” – you get the idea – might cause some concern.

I had a cleaning woman come once who overheard me talking about the plot of one of my books with a friend. The woman stopped working and disappeared and wouldn’t answer her phone. I am certain she thought I was a serial killer making plans for my next victim.

I am definitely a pantser when it comes to my books and that makes me happy, since I can allow the characters to tell the story their way. Sometimes that leads to chaos, but that’s okay. Somehow, they all manage to work it out and live happily ever after.


And announcing the soon to be re-released


Now, let’s hop over and see how the fabulous Jenna Da Sie deals with her world…

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This week’s challenge comes for the wonderful Jenna Da Sie:

Start from the end. You’re the ghost of Christmas future. Write about your life from your funeral to the present. How were you celebrated?

I definitely do not want to even think about the end of my life. I feel like I have just started to live the best of it and I want to keep going for a long time.

I would like to be remembered as kind, and a true friend that could be counted on. I would like to be thought of as a person of honor. I would like to think I traveled to all the places I dreamed of and accomplished everything I set out to do. I hope I have written more than fifty books and each was better than the last.

But mostly I really hope that some of the books I have written have given to others: escape, encouragement or just entertainment. Or anything else to make their lives better.

As for today, I am working on finishing the last in the ‘Dance’ series (which should be out by the end of the summer) and then I will move on to another series and a sequel to “Payback”. After that…well, who knows.



Coming Soon

Let’s hop on over to the incredible A.S. Fenichel and see what her ghost has to say….

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This week’s challenge comes from the incredible S. C. Mitchell:

Let’s take a trip. Pretend your publisher has offered you a two week vacation anywhere in the world to inspire a new noel. Where do you go and why?

Europe. Four places specifically. First, Italy. I was in Rome years ago and it is the most fantastic city. History, art, great food and wonderful, welcoming people. And romance is around every corner.


And Venice, where all the same is true, but there are also dark alleys full of mysteries and all kinds of possibilities.


Then, I would fly over to Dublin and from there, wander into the Irish countryside and drink in the green and the beauty and the ancient stories of love and romance and don’t forget the Celtic tales. And the castles.


Last, but not least, I would travel around Scotland. I would talk to the people and try to absorb their history of strength and perseverance and bravery. And don’t forget the handsome lads with bright blue eyes and red hair. Being a little partial to red hair myself. Oh, and then there are the castles….


Well, I can’t take off two weeks just yet, but one of these days….


Let’s hop over and see where the incredible A.S. Fenichel would go….

As Fenichel new release

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This week, I posed the questions:

Do you feel like you’re on the outside looking in or just the opposite? Why?

For me, the answer is—both. There are times when I stand back as an observer. I find that people, with their myriad of expressions and body language and conversation, fascinating. Not just as fodder for my books, but as an insight in how alike and how different we all are.

Most of my time, though, is spent ‘in the moment’. I try to live every minute and draw the juice out of every experience. And that is especially true when I write. I ‘go there’.

Once, when I was writing “The Defiant Bride”, my phone rang. I was with my heroine, in 1508 England, and I had no idea what that noise was. It brought me out the story, but luckily it was pretty easy to slip back into the King’s Forest.


I love to be where the characters are, experiencing the same things they are. Which means, I suppose, I am on the inside and the outside simultaneously. The action is happening all around me and some of it I can actually step in and control. Although, many times the characters take it out my hands.  Well, that is not entirely true, since I definitely have influence. After all, I have to make sure the hero and heroine have a ‘happily ever after’.

OUATCloth_eBook_PROOF2                  payback_ebook_proof3-2                  JesterDance_eBook_PROOF5

Now let’s hop over and see how the fabulous A.S. Fenichel answered…

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