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Happy Tuesday and thanks so much for joining us today. We love having you here!

This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Brynn Paulin:

Do you have favorite writing tools or things that are a must while you write (particular pen, scent, sound, etc)

My favorite thing when I write — and a must for me — is quiet. I truly envy those writers who can click into the zone with music or candles. I wish I could do that. But those things tend to work in the opposite way and distract me. I think part of the reason is that most of my books are historical and anything that is contemporary tends to pull me out of the story. I think it would take me longer to figure out what tools might be appropriate than it would to actually write the books.

In fact, when I was writing “The Defiant Bride”, set in 1510 England, the phone rang and for a moment I had no idea what that noise was.

There is one thing I love when I write—my dog sleeping under my desk. If you ask her, she will say she is really doing all the writing and I am merely channeling her thoughts. Possible. She is pretty smart.

But, for me, all I need is peace and a keyboard.

Now let’s hop over to the talented Brynn Paulin and hear what she needs to write. But first…

Pre-order Fling With the Secret Sheik

For twenty-two years, I’ve been the good girl. Toed the line; followed all the rules. So when I sneak out of town for my final spring break for college, I’m ready to have my last hurrah before graduating and entering “real” adult life.

My first day in my tropical paradise, I run into Mr. Tall, Dark and Dominant and find myself falling head over heels into the very fling I’d searched for. It’s all too good to be true. It’s a week of bliss. Until I find out he’s been keeping a secret, and he has a life I could never be a part of. I can’t ever be more than a temporary distraction.

But that’s what flings are, right? They’re not for real life. They’re for the instant then left behind. But even momentary idylls have consequences. The question is, am I ready to pay them?


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