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Here is this week’s challenge:

Time to get random. What’s in your fridge right now? No cheating!

Let me start by saying I am not a hoarder. Really, I am not. But I always have a full (to bursting) refrigerator (and freezer and pantry). I love to cook and being spontaneous is fun. So, I like having all the necessary ingredients to suit my cooking mood. But I also feel secure when my fridge is packed with good things to eat. Am I afraid of a disaster? Could a hurricane happen tomorrow? Possible. Or a zombie apocalypse? Unlikely. But you never know.

As for the actual contents: I have all kinds of salad dressings in the door. Olives, condiments, along with beer and wine. The top shelf is milk and coffee creamer and assorted jellies and whipped cream. The other shelves are stocked with salad fixings and bread and leftovers (yes, I always cook too much for one meal). And the drawers are filled with cheeses and lunchmeat and potatoes and celery, etc. And there is never a time when the shelves are lacking. There is always enough for at least a week’s worth of meals (if you include the freezer and pantry).

I think it was the way I was raised. No, we never went hungry and my mother never cooked. But the kitchen was always ready for anything. I learned to cook at a very young age (otherwise I might have starved if I had to depend on dear old mom). So, I encouraged having lots of stuff at hand. And it carried over into adulthood.

So there you have it. One of my quirks that I’ll probably never change.

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic Andie Fenichel and hear about her refrigerator. But first, you have to check this out!

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Dragon of My Dreams

Monster Between the Sheets series


Being a dragon in a town filled with monsters isn’t so bad. A bunch of scales and wings isn’t the worst affliction to hit this town’s residents. However, I don’t like being alone or having people run away when they see me. And with more humans moving to town, that happens more and more. Most of the time, I keep to myself or with a select group of good friends who are also monsters. I sell my jewelry and rent space in my art gallery. It’s a dreary but acceptable way to live.

The moment Scarlett walks into my jewelry shop, she changes everything. Becomes my everything. I can tell that she’s hiding something, and I’m almost certain someone in her past hurt her. As a man and a dragon, that’s not something I can live with. Now that she’s entered my dragon’s lair, I’ll do anything to protect her.  


I stumbled upon Screamer Woods by accident. The unique residents make it the perfect place to hide out from my ex. He may find me anyway—he has before—but this place is so far off the beaten path, it may take a while. In the meantime, I can sell some artwork and refill my coffers before I have to run again.

Seeing a vampire or a fairy doesn’t scare me. I know what a real monster is and does. Meeting Diego is an unexpected bonus. Too bad I’ll have to bolt soon. I could get used to the way Diego looks at me. The way he makes me feel. If only the monster in my past would stay away and let me live happily ever after with the dragon of my dreams.


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Hello and happy Tuesday. Welcome to our weekly hop and thanks so much for joining us! We really appreciate it!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Let’s share about ourselves! What are three things most people don’t know about you or your books?

  1. People often ask me where my inspiration comes from. Well, it never comes from a predictable place. For example, “The Dream Dancer” was inspired when I was working at three in the morning and imagined that most of the rest of the world was sleeping. And then I wondered what would happen if I could slip into their dreams…

“Bound to Morocco” was inspired by spending time in an ‘escape room’ where we were “shanghaied” on a boat to somewhere.

  • I make many of my own clothes. I could never find certain outfits or when I thought of cool designs that I wanted, so I learned to make them myself. Living in Florida, I need loose shifts with colorful prints, so I created an easy pattern and then shopped for fabrics.
  • Everyone who knows me knows I love my dog.

But what many don’t know is that before I wrote novels, I was a licensed veterinary technician. I did everything from emergency triage to assisting in surgery over eighteen years. I even participated in an ASPCA rescue operation of over 700 animals. And I am still available to my friends for advice.

Now, let’s pop over to the fabulous Brenda Margriet and learn more about her. But first…


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Hello and welcome to our hop. Thanks so much for joining us! Hope your week is starting out great!

Here is this week’s challenge:

What are your goals for the next six or even 12 months? What books are you working on? What’s next for you?

I admit it. I have been a slacker when it comes to writing. I have started two books – one is a sequel to “Murder Most Notorious” and I have the plot and the characters and no excuse for not working on it.

The other is a fun time travel story and, again, the plot is there and the hero and heroine, and it’s coming along, but slowly.

Why haven’t I been writing every day? No, it’s not writer’s block. I think it’s just motivation. Happens sometimes. There are other things to do every day and I just let them get in the way.

There have been years when I write three books, or two, sometimes one. And last year I did the “Love in the Mix” Cookbook for Proliteracy (actually, you should check it out!), as well as “Stay With Me” and “Murder Most Notorious”.

But since then, yep, slacking.

I love to write and I’m not really happy unless I’m doing it every day, so I am going to get back to it as soon as I can. Today! Or maybe tomorrow!

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic Jenna Da Sie and hear about her goals…

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Hello and welcome! Time for another hop and we’re so glad you took the time to join us!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Flash Fiction – Let’s celebrate the equinox. Write a scene set in Autumn using the words Leaf, water, and coffee. Try to keep it to 500 words.

Walking into the Autumn harvest festival was like walking into a glorious Etsy shopping mall. Handmade, incredibly beautiful crafts beckoned from everywhere the eye could see. And the event was held next to the river, the water winking diamonds in the morning light. Perfect.

Stepping up to a food truck, she ordered coffee and sipped it slowly, savoring the richness of the brew as she strolled from booth to booth. There was magic here and seeking it made for a wonderful day.

Across the way, a man, tall, blond and incredibly attractive, walked with a woman, his arm slung casually across her shoulders as they, too, examined the myriad of choices. Why can’t he be single? The good ones never are. Because they’re the good ones.

The hours passed pleasantly as she wound her way around the stalls, looking, touching, admiring. About to give up the quest for that one special find, a flash caught her eye. Reverently, she approached the booth. In the center of the offerings was a sculpture of a leaf supported by a metal peg. Small, it nonetheless embodied everything she loved about this season. Copper, tones of yellow and orange and red glimmered on the surface and the bent corner suggested an unseen breeze. It was one of those pieces that explained why people love art.

“Do you like it?”

Looking up, it was the man she had seen earlier. Even more appealing close up.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks. My sister and I made it.” He indicated the woman he’d been walking with who was now sitting behind him. My sister.

She loved the piece even more now.

Biting her lip, she smiled. “How much?”

“For a beautiful woman who appreciates our work, I’ll make it yours.”

It was definitely the perfect way to start the season.

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic Jenna Da Sie and read her flash fiction…

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Hello and happy Tuesday! We are so happy you took the time to join us!

Here is this week’s challenge:

What are you reading now and why did you choose it?

I am a romance writer and mostly I read within my own genre. But Stephen King is such an incredible wordsmith that I also take the time to read his books. In fact, it was “Salem’s Lot” that made me want to be a writer in the first place. It opened up the possibilities of telling stories that would come alive and creating characters that breathed.

His latest, “Fairy Tale”, is my current read and I am impressed, as usual. He breaks ‘the rules’ so effectively, I feel as if I am actually listening to Charlie Reade tell me his story. Mr. King’s use of language is amazing and reading his work is an absolute education in ‘voice’.

I am generally not a fan of horror, but his writing is far and away so skilled, I am drawn in to the story even if the subject matter is not my first choice. Am I his ‘Number One Fan”? No. But I am a fan and I am grateful when I am able to read a master at work.

Now let’s hop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and see what she’s reading…

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Hey there and welcome. Thanks for joining us! We’re very glad you’re here and we hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday.

Here is this week’s challenge:

What is the hardest part for you in writing?

Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed,”.

Writing is hard. Reaching into your soul and pulling out your deepest emotions and then translating them to the page. But like anything worth doing, it never promised to be easy.

And, for me, the hardest part is after the book is written and needs to be marketed. I love the process of writing, every gut-wrenching minute of it. I am happy when my characters come to life and when I have described places that take shape and make me believe I am actually there. I get nervous when the story presents dangers for my heroes and heroines and I thrill when the solution is found and they can be safe once again. I love the happily ever after.

When the first draft goes to the editor, I worry that I haven’t done my job. When it comes back to me mostly intact, I enjoy making the edits that strengthen my story. When I get the final cover, I am so excited.

Then comes the marketing. Should I use social media or websites? Should I use Amazon and find keywords? Newsletters? Everything? Am I ever doing enough? Should I get an assistant?

And when my readers buy the book, will they like it?

Yes, writing is hard , but selling it is harder.

Now let’s hop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and read about the most difficult part for her.

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Hello and happy Tuesday. Do you believe it’s almost September? Where did the summer go? Well, we are happy you took the time to join us! It means so much!

Here is this week’s challenge:

How do you handle it when your work is rejected?

It would be impossible to imagine anyone likes rejection, or ever gets used to it. You pour your heart and soul into a book, agonize over it, break it down, build it back up, lose sleep worrying if it’s right, and if you’ve said all that you meant to in the best possible way and then…

After waiting for what seems forever, you get a form letter or worse, crickets. It’s terrible, painful, and even heart-breaking. But the difference between failure and success is, after a pity party, you pick yourself up and send it out again, knowing the same result could happen. But then, maybe not.

I remember my first contract. After what seemed like hundreds of rejections, I got THE letter. All of a sudden, all the pain was forgotten. A publisher liked my book enough to publish it!

After that, rejections weren’t quite so painful, because I knew I just hadn’t sent it to the right person for my new book. Yet.

It would be great if those rejections came with an explanation of why. They don’t very often. So it’s up to me to decide what I want to do. And, if I believe it’s the best I can make it, I just sent it out again. Because the only true failure is quitting.

And anyway, I write because I’m a writer. It makes me happy. And when you find something in life that’s fulfilling, that brings you joy, I say go for it, no matter what anyone else says.

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic A.S. Fenichel and see how she handles it…

But first! Guess what’s available in Audio…

Defiance (Book 4 of the Demon Hunter series) Out in Audio.

 The Demon Hunters are about to face their biggest test, and they’ll need a lady to make the grade….

Lady Serena Thurston had big plans—attend the best balls, meet a fine gentleman, get married, have a child or two, and live happily ever after. But plans change. Serena knows firsthand what demons can do, and nothing will stand in the way of her goal to become a Demon Hunter—not even her absentee fiancé.

Tad Douglass is furious his fiancée has enrolled in the Demon Hunters’ school. Admittedly, he should have been more attentive after her capture by demons, but important Hunter business demanded his presence. Now, he’s forced to watch her transformation from an innocent young woman to a formidable Hunter. He’ll use every resource at his disposal to change her mind and return her to the simple life of a debutante.

When people go missing in London, Serena and Tad must investigate—together. The mistrust and love simmering between them during their perilous mission is brought to a boil at the gateway to Hell. With the lines between good and evil blurred, and death lurking at every turn, it will take a leap of faith to embrace this new partnership—as heroes and as lovers.

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Hello and welcome to this week’s hop. Thanks so much for joining us!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Tell us about your favorite scent and what it evokes for you.


My absolute all time favorite. And unlike other flowers, it can’t be duplicated in any perfume I’ve ever found. I think that is one of the things that make them so special to me. I have to wait until they bloom in the spring. A few blossoms can make your whole house smell fantastic and they remind me of everything wonderful about that time of year. The flowers are white and pure and clean and the smell just makes me happy. They remind me of weddings and dancing and joy.

Every time one of my bushes yields a bloom, it’s like a gift, and every year I look forward to the season when they will blossom again.

I do love flowers – their colors and scents and freshness, but they all fade for me in comparison to the beautiful and sweet gardenia.

Now let’s pop over to the fabulous PG Forte. But first, you really should check this out…

Stephanie Sands thinks the Chamber of Commerce’s mentorship program is a great idea! She’s not ashamed to admit that her boutique bakery, Sugar Kink, isn’t quite making it. Yet. But the mentor she’s been assigned, Rocky D, isn’t just traditional, he’s positively medieval. It’s no wonder his sister wants nothing to do with him!

Can they put aside their differences (and the insane attraction they feel) to help each other out? Or will their dreams fall as flat as a failed souffle?

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Hi there. Hope your day is going well. Thanks so much for joining us today!

Here is this week’s challenge:

When did you start to write and why?

When I was a little girl, I was captivated by stories, especially by fairy tales. Reading opened up worlds to me I wanted to experience, to explore. And then, one day, I made up my own stories. There were imaginary playmates and we would travel to castles and be rescued by handsome princes.

As I grew older, my tales matured and I recognized the power of the written word. I could create scenarios and people and adventures and it was limitless. First it was poetry and then short stories and then, one day, I was brave enough to write a screenplay. And a studio optioned it. From there, I wrote episodic TV. But the real satisfaction came from longer stories where I could delve deeper. I started writing novels and so far, I have published sixteen, with the next two taking shape.

I never get tired of sitting down at the keyboard and pouring out my thoughts and I hope I never will.

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic PG Forte and hear about her writing journey. But first…

Love wasn’t always strawberries and cream for Lucy and Dan Cavanaugh…or was it? In this Oberon prequel, we travel back in time to see how it all began. 

Although the Oberon series is not currently available (look for the re-boot in 2023) you can access a FREE DOWNLOAD of this novella when you join my newsletter group.

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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks so much for joining us on our blog. So happy you’re here.

Here is this week’s challenge:

Share your favourite recipe for hot summer days. It can be a drink, a dessert, a meal…anything!

Salads, salads, salads. So many ways to prepare them and no time with a hot oven.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Grilled Tuna Salad

First, you need some fresh tuna steaks. The frozen ones tend to be soggy, so use fresh if you can get them. They’re expensive, so you can use small ones, like ¼ pound per person. Brush with olive oil and season to taste. Grill fast at a high temperature, so they’re seared on the outside and pink in the middle.

Then…and here’s where your creativity comes in. Place romaine or other lettuce on a plate. It can be whole leaves or broken into pieces. I say broken since you’re not supposed to cut lettuce. I have no idea why not. Place grilled tuna steaks on top of the lettuce.

You can add: fresh fruit, like strawberries, blueberries, mango, pieces of melon…



Dried cranberries or other dried fruit


Hearts of palm, sliced

Artichoke hearts…

Use your imagination…and then put on your favorite dressing.

Serve with crackers or bread and it’s a filling healthy meal. Cool and delicious.

Now let’s hop over to the fabulous Brenda Margriet and see what her favorite is…

But first, you have to get this book:

What Readers are Saying about LOVING BETWEEN THE LINES…

“Sweet even when it’s spicy,” “engaging and realistic,” “wonderfully drawn characters.”

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