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Hello and happy Tuesday. Welcome to our hop and thanks so much for joining us. Hope you are doing well and staying healthy! This week’s challenge comes from the amazing Brenda Margriet::

Let’s learn a little bit about each other.

Never Have I Ever – Book Edition

  1. Dropped a book on my face while reading

                 It’s happened. Sometimes you get sleepy…

  • Missed a meal to finish reading

                 No, because I continue reading while I eat.

  • Hated a character

                  Absolutely. And love when they get what’s coming to them.

  • Smelled a new book

                  Smell is a very important sense. So yeah…

  • Took a selfie with an author

                  On more than one occasion.

  • Listened to an audio book

                 How can you get through a long car ride or painting or other chores without them?

  • Dreamed of a book boyfriend

                 And dreamed them up as well.

  • Said the book was better

                 Of course. With some exceptions.

  • Cried while reading

                 Have you read Kristan Higgin’s newest “Pack Up the Moon”? I used up a box of tissues.

  1. DNF’d a book

                  Sadly, yes. If a book doesn’t grab me in the first few chapters, I don’t finish it.

  1. Took a book to a doctor’s appointment

                  Are you kidding? Forget the three-year-old magazines they supply. The wait would be forever

without a book.

  1. Tapped the page of a paper book to make it turn

                  Well, you get used to the digital books…

  1. Met a book model

                  Thankfully, yes.

  1. Travelled to a book event

                   Many times.

  1. Gone to a book signing

            Yes, to support my fellow authors, and I have also been a signer.

  1. Joined a book club

                   I have, but not for a while.

  1. Laughed out loud while reading

                  Isn’t that the best? Unless your partner is sleeping.

  1. Read under the covers as a child

                  Lights out just meant lights undetectable. Sometimes you just have to keep reading!

And now let’s head over to the wonderful Caro Kinkead and read her answers, but first…

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Hello and happy Tuesday. We are so glad you’re joining us! Hope you are staying safe and well!

This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous A.S. Fenichel:

Fall is here in the US! It’s my favorite season. What do you love about the autumn or do you have another favorite season?

I do love this time of year! Living in Florida during the autumn is not the same as living further north. There aren’t a lot of changing leaves and I do miss driving through neighborhoods and seeing the trees resplendent with all the colors. But some things are universal. The drop in temperature here, although not as drastic as other places, is still a welcome change from the intense heat of the summer. And there’s Halloween! I love this holiday. The kids all dressed up and coming to the door. And the candy. And the scary movies on TV (ok, not the cut ‘em up ones, the fun ones). Apples are more delicious and there are pumpkins to carve. And soon it will be Thanksgiving when we can cook for days and then eat ourselves into a food coma while counting our many blessings.

Because it’s so much cooler, we can ride our bikes more and take longer walks. There are craft festivals, which I just love. And I have more energy. I tend to cook more, which is one of my favorite hobbies. (Don’t forget to check out “Love in the Mix: A Cookbook for Romance Readers”. So many great recipes for this time of year!)

Although I have to say spring is my favorite time of year, there is so many very special things about fall that make me happy.

Now let’s hop over to the amazing A.S. Fenichel and hear about her favorite. But first…you have to read this new book…

A.S. Fenichel’s latest release is the final book in the Wallflower’s of West Lane series. Aurora is finally getting her happily ever after and no one deserves it more.

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Hello and happy Tuesday! Thanks so much for joining us today. We hope you are safe and healthy. This week’s challenge comes from the fantastic A.S. Fenichel:

What’s your favorite thing about being a writer and why?

Being able to sit down at my computer and imagine a world inhabited by people I’ve created is amazing. I can go anywhere with anyone. A few keystrokes and I’m in a different time or solving a murder or falling in love. And, if I don’t like the way things are going, I can change them.

I also love interacting with readers and hearing that people have read what I’ve written and enjoyed it. Especially now, when the world is in chaos and the news every day is harsh and painful, a respite is even more necessary. And writing romance (and reading it) offers an escape that allows us to recharge.

Any creative field is full of rejections and difficulties, but of all the jobs I’ve had and the ones I might had tried, this is definitely the best!

Now let’s hop over to the fabulous Brenda Margriet and learn what she likes best. But first, you have to check out this amazing deal:

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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks so much for joining us. We really appreciate you! We hope you are staying well!

Here is this week’s challenge:

If your favourite book hasn’t been made into a movie yet, who would you cast as the characters?

My new favorite book is actually one I just released a few months ago.

Here is the blurb:

Two women. Years apart. Linked by common experience and a cottage that has survived since the Civil War.

Evelyn Smith has changed her name and is running from an abusive husband. She buys a cottage in Florida that has its own history, only to experience an attraction to the previous owner.

Rebecca Faber has rescued a Yankee soldier and fallen in love, but circumstances have forced her to marry an evil man who killed her father.

When Rebecca reaches out from the past, Evelyn finds it life changing.

And in their own times, each must discover strength and fight to find and keep true love.

I think Jodie Comer would be perfect for Evelyn. She has a vulnerability and a strength in her performances and Evelyn has both. And for her love interest? Scott Eastwood. Need I say more?

For the part of Rebecca, Liana Liberato. She has the most expressive eyes and she would be great. And for her Yankee soldier…Matthew Gray Gubler. He communicates intelligence and honor, a man of ethics and determination. And he’s really handsome.

When I write characters, I imagine how they would look and these actors would unquestionably bring my words to life.

Now let’s hop over to the amazing Jenna DaSie and see who she would cast in her favorite…

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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks so much for joining us today. We really appreciate it. Hope you are staying healthy!

This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Brenda Margriet:

Do you read differently in different seasons? Need lighter reads for summer sunshine and save the deep thoughts for dark winter nights?

Seasons don’t really effect my reading because, let’s face it, I live in Florida. Our four seasons are warm, hot, hotter and you’ve got to be kidding. So, my reading is more determined by my mood and what I’m writing. For example, when I’m writing an historical, reading one puts me in the right frame of mind. And the same goes for romantic suspense. Lately, I’ve been working on the second book in my “Notorious” series, so crime stories are what I’ve been choosing. But I’m also working on a time travel romance, so I am alternating between contemporary and historical. And yes, I read a lot.

I love flipping through my Kindle or looking over my bookshelves (definitely plural on those bookshelves) and picking whatever strikes my fancy at the time. During the summer, especially, there seems to be more time for just sitting down and savoring a good story. Empty nest, puppy growing up and not being quite so demanding, I have the luxury of reading.

No matter what is going on around me, I can slip into a good story and go there. Reading is such magic. Speaking of magic, you have to pre-order “The Promise of Frost”, the latest by Brenda Margriet…

Only 99 cents.

Releases November 12.

An adventurous kitten, a curious dog, and a matchmaking eight-year-old guarantee this will be a holiday to remember.
Luca Tannon’s new neighbor is a sexy but surly single dad. Which is all for the best since she’s focused on reclaiming her life after a toxic long-term relationship.
Caleb Frost won’t let anything distract him from ensuring his son’s first Christmas as the child of divorced parents is perfect. And that includes the irritatingly intriguing woman living next door.
Everything is going as planned…until it’s not.

Now let’s hop over and learn about Brenda’s reading choices…

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Hello and welcome to our hop. So happy you are joining us! And we hope you are safe and well! This week’s challenge comes from the remarkable Jenna Da Sie:

Do you like to go camping, if so where is your favourite place? Do you camp in a tent or camper?

Confession time. I have never been camping. Not in a camper or a tent or anything. In fact, my idea of camping is when there’s no room service. Just kidding about the room service. But, no, I have never slept in the great outdoors.

When I was a kid, most of my friends went to camp, but for some reason, I wasn’t allowed. Okay, that’s another story.

And then, later in life, I never took time off to go anywhere. When I owned my own business, I had eight days off in ten years. Not consecutive days.

And now? The idea of sleeping on the hard ground or not having indoor plumbing – well, it just doesn’t have a lot of appeal. Not that I am a wuss. It’s just that if I take a vacation, I want time off. Even my husband, who used to be an avid camper, has become accustomed to the softer life.

But we do plan, at some point, to rent an RV and travel around the country – when it’s safer. Does that count? And we love to go out and watch the sunset or the sunrise. We walk and go to the beach and enjoy just being outside alot. But then sleeping in our own bed.

So, for now – as was said in that classic old movie –’there’s no place like home’.

Now let’s pop over to the wonderful Jenna DaSie and hear about her camping experience…

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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks so much for joining us. It means so much!  Hope you are safe and well! I came up with this week’s challenge:

If you could spend an afternoon with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I’m going to cheat a little and choose one living and one who has passed on, since they are both equally wonderful.

William Goldman was a brilliant writer with incredible insights. He wrote, among so many other things, “The Princess Bride”, one of the all-time classics. And he also wrote “Adventures in the Screen Trade”. If you haven’t read it, especially if you are a writer, you should. In in, he writes about Hollywood, but there are so many lessons in the pages. He describes the difference between reality and believability that makes sense. How many times have we all said, ‘if I wrote this, no one would believe it’. So he illustrates how the facts can be presented in a way that communicates what you actually want to say. It’s a wonderful book and I am so sorry I never had the opportunity to actually sit down and talk to him.

My other choice is Stephen King. Not because he’s famous, but because his first book was rejected something like 30 times and he persevered. When I read “’Salem’s Lot” many years ago, it made me realize that I wanted to write, too. I was inspired to tell my own stories.

He also takes the time to teach other writers technique and helps them hone their own craft. And his work ethic is as awesome as Nora’s.

Yes, and then there’s Nora….

Now let’s hop over to the fabulous A.S. Fenichel and see who she chose…but first…

You cannot miss this Cookbook! 70+ incredible romance authors, offering recipes and anecdotes. A perfect gift for everyone you know who loves romance. AND all the proceeds go to benefit ProLiteracy!!

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Hello and welcome to our hop. Thanks so much for joining us and we hope you are well. This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Jenna Da Sie:

FLASH FICTION. Write a story that contains ONLY dialogue.

“Forgive me, my lady, but I must beg a favor.”

            “My lord? We have not been introduced. What favor dare you ask?”

            “My name is Rowland and I but plead for a few moments of your gracious company before I must go off on my quest.”

            “Your quest, my lord?”

            “I must slay a dragon.”

             “My lord, there are no such things as dragons.”

            “Really, my lady. Please do not tell the dragon that, for I fear you will offend him. And his wrath might be terrible.”

            “And do you presume to save me from the dreaded beast?”

            “Of course, my lady. It is the sole mission of a knight to protect a damsel in distress.”

            “And what if you are the cause of my distress instead of some mythical creature?”

            “But my lady, that is not possible. Because if that were true, I must fall on my sword.”

            “I see. Well, then, I shall go on my way and pray your quest is a success.”

            “Then may I bring you a souvenir?”

            “And what would that be, might I ask?”

            “Why his fire, to light your way.”

            “You suggest I am in the dark?”

            “No, but I am. For I know not your name nor that which you call home.”

            “Then I suggest the dragon will tell you.”

            “And if there are no such things as dragons?”

            “Then we will both be sad.”

            “If you tell me where I can find you, we can commiserate together.”

            “Yon castle is my home, but I fear it is guarded by a very fierce creature. And I hope you do not slay him for I have grown quite fond of him.”

            “And me? Is there a chance?”

            “There is magic in the world, my lord, and one never knows when it will come to your aid.”

Now let’s pop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and read her story…

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Hello and happy Tuesday! We hope you had a fun Fourth of July. And we wish you are staying well. Thanks so much for joining us.

I came up with this week’s challenge:

Tell us about your favorite movie and why you watch it over and over again.

I love movies! I could live in a theatre and watch all kinds of movies all day long. And all night, too. But one stands out as my all time favorite: “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr.

I have seen it so many times, I can recite almost all the dialogue. And it never gets old. Every time I watch it, I promise myself I won’t cry at the end, but it’s so bittersweet, I can’t help myself. I cry every time.

It’s the story of two people who meet on a cruise ship and fall in love and it changes everything for both of them. They are in other relationships, so they have to extricate themselves from those when they arrive home and, since he is a playboy, find a way to support themselves.  

I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but it touches at the heart of what true love is and how life-changing it can be. Plus, there’s wonderful humor and gorgeous clothes. It’s everything a love story should be.

Watching it reminds me why I love romance so much, how it takes me away with it and strengthens my belief that, no matter what comes, there can always be a happily ever after.

Now let’s hop over to the fabulous A.S. Fenichel, but first, you can’t miss her .99 cent sale on “Deception”…

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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks for joining us this week. It means so much!

This week’s challenge comes from the fantastic A.S. Fenichel:

How do you choose your character’s names? Do you have a system, a book, an app or is it random?

Yep, random. This is my very scientific method: I pull up a list of girls’ and boys’ names on Google that are suitable for the period I’m writing in. I try not to use the same first letter for more than one character in each book, since I find that confusing. And then I choose names that just sound right to me.

I then check out the origins of the names I have picked and their meaning. For example, I wouldn’t want my hero to have a name that means ‘bringer of death’ or my heroine to have one that means ‘siren that lures men to ruin’. But the process of choosing is fun. Just as imagining what the protagonists look like and how they dress and everything else about them that makes them whole. And a name is vital. Would Romeo and Juliet have the same romance if their names were Ralph and Sue? Would Katniss be who she was if her name was something else?

Names contribute to the story as much as any other element and even though my method is random, I still opt for ones that are right for my characters.

Now let’s hop over to the incredible Jenna Da Sie and find out how she chooses names…