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Hi and thanks so much for joining us today. Hope your week is starting out great!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Would you rather vacation at the beach, a Scottish castle or Paris and why?

No hard choice here. A Scottish castle, hands down!

I live near the beach and it’s lovely, but that wouldn’t be a new experience. And I’ve been to Paris. Now, many people think it’s the ultimate city for romance and it’s known as the City of Lights, but it wasn’t my favorite. The food was wonderful and it is a beautiful place, but if I had to choose a city in Europe for a vacation, it would be Rome or Venice or Florence.

But a Scottish castle would absolutely be my first choice! History must just ooze from the walls and I know it would send my imagination into the stratosphere. To me, everything about Scotland is pure magic. The moors, the heather, the green hills. I am not that fond of mist and dampness and cold, but I think I could easily adjust. At least I’d love the opportunity.

I’ve written several books set in Scotland and, in fact, the one I’m writing now takes place at Eilean Donan castle, so it would be amazing to actually experience life there firsthand.  Maybe next year…

Now let’s hop over to the incredibly talented Brenda Margriet and read about her choice. But first…

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14 sexy stories, including Brenda’s OPERATION PURPLE SPARKLE DIAMOND

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