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Hey, there. Thanks so much for joining us on our weekly hop. Here’s hoping this is your best Tuesday ever!

And here is this week’s challenge:

What are your favourite tropes to read and write?

For me, it’s all about great writing. Any trope works if the storyteller is skilled. I have to say I do get tired of the same ones over and over if they’re conceived without much imagination. Changing the name of the ranch or the cowboy isn’t enough. Now I’m definitely not trying to throw shade on any other authors, but how many secret babies can there be? Unless there’s a twist or an author voice that captivates.

When the writer can take the same theme, well-worn or not, and breathe life into it, that’s when it’s magic. I think that’s why I love to write historical novels, since the same trope set in a different time and place already makes my job easier. For example, a runaway bride (common theme) who must take extreme action to cover her deception already makes that trope more exciting. And, if the king or queen doesn’t approve, it can be even more intriguing.

I also love to write romantic suspense, since there really are more choices in that genre other than revenge or espionage. How about a deadly series of serial killings that forces two detectives who dislike each other to work together? (Enemies to lovers facing a common threat).

Since there really isn’t anything new under the sun, it’s very important to cultivate a unique approach, a special voice. So my favorite trope is the one that holds my attention by offering something special in the writing. And my favorite to write is the one where I believe I’ve explored something within that theme that is unique to me.

Now let’s pop over to the very talented PG Forte and find out about her choices.

But first…you can’t miss this!

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When Coldpelt (Cole) Moonwalker’s true shifter nature asserted itself, he was judged an abomination and cast out of his pack. Without a territory to call his own, he’s constantly on the move—which is how he ends up on Josh’s doorstep. While Cole dreams of someday finding a place where he can belong, he knows that place can never be with the scarred and surly vampire who undoubtedly has the blood of Cole’s people on his hands. 

 Will the attraction they feel for one another allow these natural enemies to overcome their sense of mutual distrust? Is enemies with benefits even a thing? Find out when you download this FREE anthology!


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