Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome! Thanks so much for taking the time to join us. We really appreciate it!

This week’s challenge comes for our own wonderful Jenna DaSie…

100 word Flash Fiction using spring, orange, and park bench.

Olivia sidled up to the park bench and sat. A perfect day spring day and just the beginning of so much. The sky was a majestic blue, cloudless, and the trees were budding green, kissed by the warming sun. It was finally going to be her turn. Always the bridesmaid…well, not again! No more horrible fuchsia dresses with orange bows, or green monstrosities that made her look like death. The next wedding was going to be hers, the dress a simple gorgeous white.  And there, coming down the path, was the love of her life.

Now let’s hop over to the talented Jill Haymaker and read her flash fiction. But first – don’t miss this amazing book – and it’s free!

Colorado Sunset is free on Amazon for your kindle. Go back to where it all started in this first book in my Peakview Series. Characters are in their mid-50’s and find their second chance at love in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains.



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