Romance Writers Weekly


Hey there. It’s Tuesday again and we hope your day is going well. Thanks so much for joining us. It means so much!!!

Here is this week’s challenge:

What is your favorite indulgence? A spa day, an outdoor adventure, a glass of wine after a long day?

Yes—well, not so much the outdoor adventure. That would have been one of my choices say ten years ago. We even did that thing where you swing in the trees about thirty feet above the ground. Not so much today.

But the spa – sign me up! And the wine – yep!

They are both very different, but wonderful. The spa is so nice, not just for the pampering, which of course I love, but also for the peace. No one is asking me to do anything other than maybe turn over. I like it. I can just relax and let someone else do the work. Which in my life is a rarity. I cannot say how many times I have worked out a plot point or something else to do with the book I am currently writing. My mind is clear and ideas flow. It’s great! Not that I get to do that very often, but when I do, I absolutely appreciate it!

The wine after a long day…well, when the days go as fast as they do and I wake up at six in the morning and suddenly it’s five at night…it’s just so nice to sit back with a glass of Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir (depending on what’s for dinner) and savor a glass while I take a few minutes to sit out on the porch before it’s time to start cooking.

Taking time to relax becomes more important the busier I am. And there is always so much to do. Right now I have to describe what the culture shock would be if my heroine suddenly landed in sixteenth century Scotland. Even though it wasn’t by accident, it still has to be quite an adjustment. So, I’m going to get into her head and look around. And yes, it’s my WIP and I’m pretty excited about it. And looking forward to coming back to reality and sipping on that wine tonight. I think I’ll make fish for dinner, so white it is!

Now let’s hop over to the very talented Jill Haymaker and hear about her favorite indulgence. But first…

Free all week 🙂

The first book in my Peakview Series, Colorado Sunset, is free for your kindle all this week. Come back to where it all started in this seasoned romance that proves it’s never too late to get a second chance at love. When single mom, June’s,  last child leaves for college, she decides to take a cross country road trip. When her car breaks down high in the Colorado Rocky Mountains near the small town of Peakview, she discovers that she just might find what she’s searching for in Jeff Walker, a handsome widowed horse rancher.


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