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Hello and happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks so much for stopping by. We really appreciate it! And hope your day is full of love!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Tell us a favorite love story.

My response: All of them! Whether it’s time travel to find your soul mate, enemies to lovers or any of the other genres in romance, as I read or hear them, each one becomes my new favorite. They make me laugh and cry and ache and rejoice.

Have you watched the news lately? It’s full of one atrocity after another, of people being hurt in so many terrible ways, while stories of love and kindness are too rare.

In a world full of so much negativity, don’t we all have a desire for better? Wouldn’t we all like to have that “happily ever after”? Shouldn’t we all seek love?

Thackeray said “Love makes fools of us all…” I heartily disagree. Love raises us to higher levels. Yes, people are willing to risk all for love, but the goal is definitely worth the work. What we need right now is more love in the world.

Love strengthens us, makes us smile, helps us see the world through a better lens. So any story of love is fantastic, and any love story is a message that no matter the conflicts and hardships, love will prevail – because it has to.

And speaking of…

Let’s hop over to the talented PG Forte and hear about her favorite. But first…check this on out!

Games We Play

A quirky, family-owned resort on the Jersey Shore is the setting for this erotic, lightly paranormal series. 

Cousins Brenda, Luke and Gwyn are determined to turn their failing hotel business around. They have no time for love. They’re in no mood for games. But it’s not going to matter. Not when they’re up against a handful of ghosts, a mischievous boggart, a family curse, and destinies written in stone.

Book one, Truth or Dare, takes place on Valentine’s Day.


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