Romance Writers Weekly


Hi and welcome! Hope your week is starting out great! And thanks so much for joining us!

Here is this week’s challenge:

What’s special about your books? What makes you stand out? Tell us about it and share a snippet or two.

Talking about myself is hard, especially when it comes to something like this. But I did have a friend say I come up with the most original ideas. Now that’s a good thing and a bad thing. I love the idea of being unique, but it also means I’m not mainstream, not as commercial. I guess that’s okay with me, because I have stories to tell and I can only tell them my way.

An example is “The Dream Dancer”. It is an historical, but my heroine can enter the dreams of others and persuade them.

            “The thought whispered that she could use her gift on this man. Ever impatient, she counseled herself to try and be patient. Her giggling companions knew nothing of Bryce’s abilities and she was glad. King James and Queen Anne were especially horrified at the thought of the occult. Of course, Bryce knew she wasn’t a witch. She merely possessed a talent. Maybe others had it, as well, and were as reluctant to discuss it as she. Deep down, she was terrified that someone would discover her secret and construe it as evil. That would mean a trial and a horrible death. Bryce shivered at the thought.”

There is also “Bound to Morocco”, where the heroine is kidnapped, to be taken to the Sultan’s harem, only to fall in love with her kidnapper.

“Another man approached as they reached the deck. His face was outlined by the sun and she had to squint to discern his features. He stepped slightly to the side and her mouth opened in surprise.  Here was clearly the master of this vessel. He held himself with such confidence and moved with an animal grace. He is a pirate. Then this must be a pirate ship. The thought came unbidden and she shivered. Well, he certainly was some kind of miscreant. Not that she had ever been in the company of such a man, but she had read books about them. This must be what they looked like. Dark, mysterious and—so handsome.”

And I like to think my romantic suspense books are a little different, too. With lots of twists. And so much passion!  “Payback” is based on a real serial killer, except I changed the perp to a woman instead of a man. “Once Upon a Tablecloth” is this: what if a Gordon Ramsey type fell in love with a restaurant owner whose life was in danger?

But, enough about me. Let’s check out the work of the fantastic Brenda Margriet. But first…

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