Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. So glad you could join us. Hope your Halloween was all treats and no tricks!

Here is this week’s challenge…

How do you stay creative? How do you feed your muse? What tips and tricks do you recommend to stay in the creative zone?

Years ago, I heard Nora Roberts speak at a writers’ conference and her advice has stuck with me. Paraphrasing, she said “there is no muse”. Writing is about doing a job. You sit your butt in the chair and you write. If you wait around for the creative inspiration to strike, you might wait a very long time. But if you do your job, the words come.

Now that does not mean that everything I write is brilliant. Hardly. Sometimes my best books have come out of my worst first drafts. But you cannot edit a blank page. So, based on the advice of one of the most prolific authors of our time, I sit my butt in the chair and I type. And the words come.

When I go back and re-read, sometimes I hit delete and sometimes I pat myself on the back. And sometimes I get another opinion. That’s why I would never publish without an editor to fine tune my story and fix my mistakes.

Now some days I can type five thousand words and some days only fifty. Some days I am happy with the work and some days not so much. But the creative process is about honoring the work and doing it.

Now let’s pop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and find out about her creative zone.


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