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Hello and welcome! Time for another hop and we’re so glad you took the time to join us!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Flash Fiction – Let’s celebrate the equinox. Write a scene set in Autumn using the words Leaf, water, and coffee. Try to keep it to 500 words.

Walking into the Autumn harvest festival was like walking into a glorious Etsy shopping mall. Handmade, incredibly beautiful crafts beckoned from everywhere the eye could see. And the event was held next to the river, the water winking diamonds in the morning light. Perfect.

Stepping up to a food truck, she ordered coffee and sipped it slowly, savoring the richness of the brew as she strolled from booth to booth. There was magic here and seeking it made for a wonderful day.

Across the way, a man, tall, blond and incredibly attractive, walked with a woman, his arm slung casually across her shoulders as they, too, examined the myriad of choices. Why can’t he be single? The good ones never are. Because they’re the good ones.

The hours passed pleasantly as she wound her way around the stalls, looking, touching, admiring. About to give up the quest for that one special find, a flash caught her eye. Reverently, she approached the booth. In the center of the offerings was a sculpture of a leaf supported by a metal peg. Small, it nonetheless embodied everything she loved about this season. Copper, tones of yellow and orange and red glimmered on the surface and the bent corner suggested an unseen breeze. It was one of those pieces that explained why people love art.

“Do you like it?”

Looking up, it was the man she had seen earlier. Even more appealing close up.

“It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks. My sister and I made it.” He indicated the woman he’d been walking with who was now sitting behind him. My sister.

She loved the piece even more now.

Biting her lip, she smiled. “How much?”

“For a beautiful woman who appreciates our work, I’ll make it yours.”

It was definitely the perfect way to start the season.

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic Jenna Da Sie and read her flash fiction…


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