Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to this week’s hop. Thanks so much for joining us!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Tell us about your favorite scent and what it evokes for you.


My absolute all time favorite. And unlike other flowers, it can’t be duplicated in any perfume I’ve ever found. I think that is one of the things that make them so special to me. I have to wait until they bloom in the spring. A few blossoms can make your whole house smell fantastic and they remind me of everything wonderful about that time of year. The flowers are white and pure and clean and the smell just makes me happy. They remind me of weddings and dancing and joy.

Every time one of my bushes yields a bloom, it’s like a gift, and every year I look forward to the season when they will blossom again.

I do love flowers – their colors and scents and freshness, but they all fade for me in comparison to the beautiful and sweet gardenia.

Now let’s pop over to the fabulous PG Forte. But first, you really should check this out…

Stephanie Sands thinks the Chamber of Commerce’s mentorship program is a great idea! She’s not ashamed to admit that her boutique bakery, Sugar Kink, isn’t quite making it. Yet. But the mentor she’s been assigned, Rocky D, isn’t just traditional, he’s positively medieval. It’s no wonder his sister wants nothing to do with him!

Can they put aside their differences (and the insane attraction they feel) to help each other out? Or will their dreams fall as flat as a failed souffle?


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