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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks for showing up for us. We love that you’re here!!!!

Here is this week’s challenge:

Share one of your favorite reviews for one of your books.

This is a review from Amazon for “Bound to Morocco”…

“I loved this book! It was extremely interesting and kept me captivated throughout. I stayed up, way too late to finish it. It was definitely with it. The story of Shera and Kemal had me not wanting it to end. I look forward to reading more from Leslie”.

Now who wouldn’t love a review like this. 5 stars. It makes me so happy to get feedback like this and makes me want to write more and better every day.

But these aren’t the only reviews that show up. I don’t mind constructive criticism since it does help me to improve and makes me aware of weaknesses in my plots or characters. But I have to say that usually the 1 star reviews are just plain mean. It makes me wonder what motivates people to tear down someone else’s work with nothing beneficial to offer.

One of my “favorite” 1 stars was for “The Defiant Bride”. Set in the early 1500’s in England, the hero gets shot by an arrow and the heroine cares for him. The review was from a woman who said she was a nurse and that was not how one should treat a wound from an arrow. Really? This was the 1500’s and the heroine was a girl with no experience. And no medical supplies. In the King’s Forest.

Reviews are important and all writers value them. It’s how we know what our readers think of our work, especially if the reviews make sense. So keep reading and keep reviewing. And thanks!

Now let’s hop over to the fabulous PG Forte and hear about her reviews….

But first – you have to check this out!!!!!

Every memory leaves its mark. 

All Sophie wants is a tattoo to commemorate her battle with cancer. What she gets is celebrity tattoo artist Declan Ross, the same sexy bad-boy who, once-upon-a-time, used to rock her world.

With his hit television show on hiatus, Declan is back in the Big Easy. A charity event at Midnight Ink, the shop where he got his start, seems like the perfect opportunity to use his celebrity status to publicize a good cause…and just maybe improve his own image in the process. The last thing he’s expecting, or thinks he needs, is a chance meeting with the girl he left behind.

Last time they were together, Declan was the one who was damaged. This time, they’ve both got scars; and those you can’t see are the hardest to cover.


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