Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. Thanks so much for joining us! Hope your day is going well! Here is this week’s challenge:

Compare the relationship with the characters in your book with real life relationships. How do they differ and how are they the same?

There is always an element of truth in the relationships I write about. I believe in love at first sight, enemies to lovers, spontaneous encounters that become something more.

The heroes and heroines in real life are also always sexy and appealing because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And the more you care about another person, the more attractive they become.

The differences? Well, in real life, unfortunately, there isn’t always a happily ever after. Conflicts sometimes pull people apart and there is no resolution. Everything isn’t always tied up with a neat little bow and problems aren’t always solved.

That is what makes romance novels so wonderful. There is always a happy ending, the heroes and heroines always prevail and ‘the end’ is always satisfying. These stories are not only enjoyable, and an escape which we all need at times; they also offer hope. They are the light in the face of darkness, and a positive outcome, no matter the struggle to get there. It is the belief that the characters are always being driven toward the best possible relationship, even if they’re not always aware of it at the time.

Romance books offer respite when life is a challenge, and the promise that there is something to look forward to, a belief that it will all turn out right in the end. And sometimes, that’s the only thing that gets us through.

Now let’s pop over to the fantastic Andie Fenichel and hear her comparisons…but first, you have to check out “Heavy Petting” ….

I’m at my best friend’s house to get over my lifelong fear of dogs. Guess who else is there, my childhood crush. The first thing I do is freak out over his dog and fall flat on my ass in the street. But then he picks me up and holds me until I’m calm. Overcoming my fears just became much more appealing.

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