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Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks so much for joining us! We’re so happy you’re here!

This week’s challenge comes from the amazing Andie Fenichel: 

Share 5 facts about your latest book or book in progress.

“Come Back to Me” is the working title of my latest WIP and I’m pretty excited about it. This is an entertaining book to write because it involves both present day and Scotland in the 1500’s, which means lots of research. I do love research.

Going back in time definitely captures my imagination, even though the reality of living centuries ago is not as romantic as it might seem. We are so used to modern conveniences, like running water and electricity, we have medicines and even the small everyday things we take for granted, like toothpaste, appliances, and indoor plumbing. But when it comes down to it, would you give up all those things to find true love? For a happily ever after?

Here are five facts about the book:

  1. It definitely involves time travel, but in a unique way.
  2. The heroine has an epiphany and decides to change her life by trying to find her soul mate, whatever it takes.
  3. There is an element of recognizing what it is you seek when you finally find it.
  4. It answers the questions – does love transcend all things? Are time and space fluid when it comes to that emotion?
  5. Is creating our own destiny a matter of determination? My heroine thinks so.

Now, let’s hop over to the talented Jill Haymaker and hear about her latest. But first, you have to check out her new release!

Montana Pines Winter Romance

When is it time to stop running from your past and find a home?

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