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Hello, happy Tuesday, and thanks so much for joining us this week. It means so much that you’re here!

And now for this week’s challenge:

Who gave you the best advice ever? What was it and how did it help you?

Actually, it was my husband – and the advice was: “Don’t quit”. Sounds simple enough, but said at the right time, it made all the difference.

What happened was this: my first critique partner savaged my first novel. Before I started writing romance, I had some success with screenplays and TV shows. So, when I changed to romance books, I thought I had at least some ability as a writer.

I sent her my manuscript and she basically told me I had no talent at all. She said the story was contrived and needed a complete overhaul and I might consider starting from scratch. It was devastating because I trusted her opinion. So, I crawled into my bed in a fetal position and vowed never to write another word.

Enter the husband and his words. He went on to say that hers was only one opinion and maybe it made her feel better to criticize others. So, I picked myself up, sent it off to an editor and got my first contract. The first contract of many. I have now published sixteen romances, contributed to an anthology and compiled a cookbook.

The moral here is obvious: “non illegitimi carborundum” which is Latin for do not succumb to the oppressive influence of others (also known as “don’t let the bastards grind you down”).

Now let’s hop over to the wonderful Jenna Da Sie and hear her best advice.


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