Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. So glad you could join us!!!!

Here is this week’s challenge:

It’s creeping out of winter to the spring. Is this your favorite season? If not, which one is and why.

Spring is definitely my favorite season. It always seems as if January through March takes years instead of months. The weather is gray (yes, even in Florida sometimes) and it always seems as if everything is waiting. Finally, the daffodils and crocuses announce that winter has reluctantly given up its hold and moved on until next year.

The air is suddenly fragrant and the birds – well, they’re just twitter-patted, singing and building nests. The sky is bluer and the sun warmer and everything feels clean. That is, everything except my house, which then demands attention. But, at the end of the day, with a home that has also welcomed the new season, I can sit back on my porch and watch my neighbors enjoying a walk or a bike ride and I plan to do both tomorrow.

Stories wake up in my head and begin to write, characters stretching after a nap and getting into some adventure. In fact, one of my creations is just to embark on a time travelling path to find true love. And in the second book of my ‘Notorious’ series, murder and mayhem keep everyone busy. (yes, two books at once).

Taking a deep breath, I am ready – spring is here!


Now let’s head over to the fabulous A.S. Fenichel and hear about her favorite season. But first…

Here is the gorgeous cover reveal for Magic Touch

ESME – I never dreamed my small
curatives shop in Windsor, England would attract the attention of war hero Sir
William Meriwether. My feminine heart is aflutter when he enters. But I’m a
witch and a healer, and he’s a man in pain, so I heal him. Desperate to do him
a good service, I stretch my powers to the limit—or perhaps beyond. Somehow, in
curing his ailing leg, I unleash powers inside William. At a loss to stop
what’s begun, I’m forced to seek assistance from the coven I’ve sworn never to
join. I dread the encounter, but for William’s sake, I put my family’s hatred
aside. Getting to spend more time with William is an added enticement.

WILLIAM – I’m mesmerized by Esme O’Dwyer from the moment I lay eyes on her. Despite our different stations in society, I want something more personal than any restorative tea she might offer. As a gentleman, I contain those baser needs and accept her assistance to ease the pain in my leg. When the alluring witch’s touch bestows me with magic of my own, I want no part of it. But the coven’s leaders insist magic never makes mistakes, and for this to have happened, I must be needed. I’ve never been one to shy away from duty, and being secluded for training with Esme is magical in more ways than one.

ESME – Trouble is coming to Windsor. The signs are all there. The race is on to train William as a witch before his power is needed, but our growing attraction is as undeniable as the battle that lies ahead.

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