Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. Thanks for taking the time to join us. It means so much!

Here’s this week’s challenge:

Try something new… What was the last NEW thing you tried. Was it a writing in a new genre, tense or something else? It could be skydiving, eating haggis for the first time, meditating at a Buddhist monastery, or really anything at all. Did you learn anything?

Over the years, my life has been filled with new things. I have lived in eleven states and pursued many diverse careers in addition to being a writer, including owning a catering service for NBC in Los Angeles, therapeutic horseback riding instructor for the disabled, and licensed veterinary technician. Those professions each fed a part of me and I definitely learned from all of them.  

I have surfed and gone snorkeling and traveled to Europe and Mexico. I sang with a band. I have tried all kinds of foods and have hobbies ranging from sewing to painting to making jewelry.

In other words, lots of new things.

Now, I find that stability and constancy is my comfort. I have a routine and I love it. Trying new things definitely expanded my universe and opened my eyes to not only differences, but similarities. But the time has come for me to appreciate my home, my husband, my dog. There are not a lot of changes and new things in my life these days – okay, I do try new recipes all the time – but it is the predictability of my days that allows me to access all of my experiences and has helped me settle down to be a better writer.

Now let’s pop over to the fantastic Brenda Margriet and hear her new things. But first:

It’s release day for A SEASON FOR LOVE. 99 cents this week only. Includes Brenda’s novella, SECRETS UNDER THE COVERS and 12 other stories.

A Limited Edition Collection of Steamy Contemporary Romances

Sometimes forever begins after forty.

A collection of fiery and passionate contemporary romances featuring characters in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond. These authors don’t close the bedroom door on the good stuff, so be prepared to get hot and bothered in the best of ways. After all, lust has no age limit!

From billionaires and alpha military heroes to nerds and single dads, this limited-edition collection of sensual and sexy stories will keep you up all night and daydreaming all day!

Includes Brenda Margriet’s novella, SECRETS UNDER THE COVERS

Two long-time friends…one impulsive seduction…zero percent chance their lives will ever be the same again.


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