Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to the day after Valentine’s Day. We love having you here!

This week’s challenge comes from the fantastic Andie Fenichel:

Do you have a pet? Let’s see pictures. If not, what would imagine is the perfect pet for you and why?

I do have a pet, but it’s more like she has me. A little more than a year and a half ago, I lost my beloved terrier. I was so miserable. And then, a while later, I was scrolling through Craigslist and stumbled upon a picture…

It was like this pup was looking directly into my heart. I contacted the owner and my husband and I went for a visit. She was only five weeks old at the time, but when I held her, I knew she had to be ours. So we went home and waited until she was old enough to leave her (fur) mother. That was a really long three weeks.

It’s been a year and Josie is the most awesome dog. She is beautiful and funny and very opinionated (okay, stubborn).

Every Wednesday, I post pictures of her ‘adventures’ on Facebook and Twitter and, although she doesn’t like to hold still for the camera, somehow I manage (most of the time) to get a decent shot. And I’m pretty sure she knows she’s more famous than I am.

When I’m writing, she lays on the floor next to my desk and naps. So comforting.

She is the perfect pet. We go for long walks and snuggle on the couch and, now that she’s grown up, at night she gets to sleep in the big bed.

I love her very much.

Now, let’s hop over to the wonderful and talented Brenda Margriet. But first…

Pre Order A SEASON FOR LOVE Now for only 99 cents. Includes Brenda’s novella, SECRETS UNDER THE COVERS and 15 other stories.

Two long-time friends…one impulsive seduction…zero percent chance their lives will ever be the same again.

The peace Helen Mansfield struggled to achieve after the death of her husband is threatened when she discovers a lump in her breast. Determined to keep the alarming news to herself until the biopsy results are revealed, she sets out to wring every drop of delight from her days.

Nathan Spieth stood by his wife while she fought and ultimately lost her battle with cancer. Since then, he’s devoted his energy to rebuilding the career that he neglected during her final years, and all his hard work is about to pay off.

As neighbours and friends, Helen and Nathan’s lives have been woven together for more than twenty years. One impetuous, impassioned night might destroy everything they share—or prove to this fiercely independent woman and determinedly solitary man that love is always worth the risk.


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