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Hello and happy Tuesday and welcome to our hop. We really appreciate your joining us and hope you are warm and safe!

This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Brenda Margriet:

Flash Fiction: Write a story about the worst Valentine’s Day ever but give it a happy ending.

The grey clouds heavy with unshed tears summed up my morning. On my way to get my coffee, I stubbed my toes on a dresser. That started it. And then I realized I was out of creamer. Oh, well, better black coffee than no coffee. Then, my hair dryer died and my favorite pants developed a hole in the knee since the last time they were worn. And then the edges softened as a warm body pressed against me.

One of those days. Only today is Valentine’s Day: a day of love and joy or of disappointment and expectations not met. Thinking back a few weeks, I am actually glad that I broke up with my boyfriend, especially before today. Our relationship started out with the excitement of newness and every day was thrilling. Until it wasn’t. Brad said he was drawn to my energy, but he wanted it directed to his needs and desires. And, like draining a battery, I was slowly losing power, losing myself.

One day I looked in the mirror and I saw a shell of what I had been only a few months before. It had been insidious, until suddenly I no longer recognized what I wanted or needed. But change is hard, so I had to gather my courage to say goodbye.

The rush of freedom slowly ebbed into loneliness. I didn’t want Brad back, but I wanted to love someone. So early on a Saturday morning, I decided to find unconditional love.

The noise level in the kennel was deafening, but as I walked down the aisle, seeing the sadness and hope in all the furry faces, one little creature beckoned. She was a terrier mix and in her eyes was the promise I had been seeking.

I brought her home and it was as if she had lived with me all her life. Her name was Lola and in her expression I saw reflected the person I want to be: stronger, wiser, kinder. When I stroked her softness and when she laid her head in my lap for a quick nap, the world was an easier place.

And then it struck me. Valentines’ Day isn’t about cards or flowers or candy. It’s about love, giving it and getting it. And then spreading it around.

So we wish you love in all its myriad forms. Happy Valentines’ Day!

Now let’s pop over to the amazing Jenna DaSie and read her story…


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