Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and happy holidays! Thank you so much for joining us at this hectic time of year. We so appreciate you!

This week’s challenge comes from the fantastic A.S. Fenichel:

It’s our last hop of the year! Post a picture of the best happening in 2021 and tell us a story about it. (Doesn’t have to be true.) LOL

Another hard year with so many issues. I obviously don’t need to name these, since we’re all familiar with the hardships. But the best happening of 2021 (and yes, it’s true) was finding Josie. After losing our terrier, we missed having a dog and went looking. And got lucky.

Josie is a very special pup. She is a doodle (a cross between a standard poodle and a Chesapeake Bay Retriever – hence the very curly hair) and she is a handful. Which is good, since it’s nice to have distraction from so many terrible happenings. She has a sense of humor: when she was smaller, she would hunker down between the couch and the end table and, when we would walk by, she would jump out at us, then wag her tail at her joke. She has the most expressive eyes and it’s always pretty clear what she wants at any given time. She’s a little shy, but one good sniff and she is your friend forever.

She loves to walk to the beach – she used to be afraid of the surf, but now she likes it. And she really likes drinking from the hose. She’s stubborn and cute and clearly opinionated and she is the best.

A puppy is a lot of work, but definitely worth the effort, and she gets us through even the toughest days. And maybe best of all, she reminds there is always something to be grateful for and she inspires me to write.

Now let’s hop over to the fantastic Jenna DaSie and check out her best happening.

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