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Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. So happy you could join us! This week’s challenge comes from Clair Brett:

Have you ever had one of your own characters surprise you as you were writing your book? How and did it change the story?

Yes, one of my characters surprised me, but not by changing the original story. It was by nagging me to add her story to the series.

It started out as “The Dream Dancer”, the story of Lady Bryce who could enter dreams and persuade. And through a series of twists and turns, managed to find true love.

Next came the story of her sister-in-law in “Emma’s Dance”. In that tale, a ghost came to Emma’s aid and helped her find the truth that led to her happily ever after.

And, what I thought was the last, Lady Margaret, widowed and lonely, seeks adventure and goes to court disguised as a jester. “The Jester’s Dance” finds Margaret able to save her new love’s family. And of course, find her happily ever after as well.

One of their friends, Lady Grace, was clearly upset that I hadn’t told her story and she nagged me until I agreed to write about her time traveling and saving the love of her life. Armed with knowledge of the future, Grace was able to help her love survive certain death. So, there was no denying this was also a tale worth telling. So, thanks Grace for reminding me.

Characters do take on lives of their own and once created, they are hard to ignore. But so much fun to collaborate with.

P.S. All the books in the “Dance” series are available on Amazon.

Now let’s pop over to Clair Brett and hear about her characters…

But first…

Looking for a light feel good Regency Twelfth Night story? Grab Ruination of Rogue today.

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