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Hello and welcome to our hop. Thanks so much for joining us. We really appreciate you!

This week’s challenge comes from the amazing  A.S. Fenichel:

I love romance books, movies and fairy tales. If I can have an HEA I’m happy. Is romance your number one read, why and what else do you read.

All genres of romance are definitely my number one read. I do gravitate to historical and romantic suspense. Maybe because those are the romances I write. No matter how big the conflict, no matter how frightening the dangers, there is always that wonderful resolution at the end. I may be biting my nails or wondering how the story will manage to resolve, but somehow it always does. And if the writer can bring me to tears or make me laugh out loud, all the better.

But I also love to read biographies, because it is fascinating to learn about people and the events and characters that affected their lives. I do really enjoy mysteries since I like being challenged and trying to determine who the villain is before the end. Sometimes I feel like getting scared, so I pick up a novel by the masters, like Stephen King and Thomas Harris. And I also read how-to books, since I can always improve.

So, I guess the real answer is: I love to read. Any book that can hold my attention for the first few chapters has me hooked and I love nothing better than climbing into the pages. Especially if there’s a happily ever after.

Now let’s pop over to the fabulous A.S. Fenichel to find out what she reads. But first…

Capturing The Earl is on sale for .99 for the first time. Don’t miss this deal. The friendship of four young ladies has created an indestructible bond to protect one another from the perils of love and marriage . . .

After the demise of her friend’s disastrous marriage, Mercedes Parsons isn’t about to let the widowed Wallflower of West Lane, Lady Aurora Radcliff, undertake another perilous trip to the altar. At least, not before the bridegroom-to-be is thoroughly investigated. If only Mercy could stop her uncharacteristic daydreaming about Wesley Renshaw’s charm, his intellect, his dashing good looks. After all, the earl has already set his sights on her best friend! She must keep her wits about her and avoid giving into temptation.

Wesley is both irritated and intrigued by the machinations of Mercy—He cannot let her cleverness and beauty distract him. He needs to marry her friend, Aurora, so he can reclaim his family’s ancestral home. A wrong he has hoped to right his entire life. Besides, who is penniless spinster Mercedes Parsons to decide whom he can and cannot marry? Yet while he admires her unwavering loyalty to her friends, he decides it’s high time the misguided woman had a dose of her own medicine. Two can play at this spying game. But they are both embarked on a dangerous charade. And it won’t be merely Mercy’s reputation at risk—or her heart on the line—as Wesley comes to the inescapable conclusion that he has found the right woman at exactly the wrong time.

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