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Hello and welcome to this week’s hop. We’re so glad you’ve joined us! In honor of Halloween, the wonderful A.S. Fenichel has come up with this challenge:

Halloween Flash Fiction – Write the start to a story with the words Dead, Kiss and Skeleton in it:

It was going to be an exciting evening. The annual Dia de los Muertos! The festival of the Day of the Dead. My traditional long, brilliantly colored floral dress, complete with headpiece, was dusted off and pressed. My skeleton makeup sat ready in front of my makeup mirror.

In the kitchen, my offering of tamales sat next to the ever grinning bottle of tequila. The possibilities were endless. I had even remembered the marigolds, their scent strong enough to guide my loved ones home. I missed my parents and tonight I could honor them and embrace my sadness. Would they actually appear this year? Could I again hug and kiss them and tell them how glad I was they were still with me, in spirit if not in the flesh?

I stepped onto the porch and the celebration was as boisterous as ever, the combination of deep sadness and the joy of remembrance clashing into a raucous mixture of life.

Across the space, a tall figure stepped toward me. There was something very familiar about him, although the paint on his face obscured his features. The closer he came, the more the gooseflesh on my arms made its presence known. Imposing, it was odd no one else seemed to notice him. Floating through the crowd, he drew nearer. Should I greet him? Should I run?

Now, let’s pop over to the fantastic A.S. Fenichel and read the start of her story…

But first, you have to check this out the preorder for Christmas Lane

A.S. Fenichel has a brand new genre and a brand new name. Andie Fenichel writes Spicy Contemporary Instalove. Christmas Lane is the first and can be in your readers on November 15. Preorder now and see what happens when two people collide in a flurry of hotdog mustard and fury.


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