Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks so much for joining us. It means so much!  Hope you are safe and well! I came up with this week’s challenge:

If you could spend an afternoon with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

I’m going to cheat a little and choose one living and one who has passed on, since they are both equally wonderful.

William Goldman was a brilliant writer with incredible insights. He wrote, among so many other things, “The Princess Bride”, one of the all-time classics. And he also wrote “Adventures in the Screen Trade”. If you haven’t read it, especially if you are a writer, you should. In in, he writes about Hollywood, but there are so many lessons in the pages. He describes the difference between reality and believability that makes sense. How many times have we all said, ‘if I wrote this, no one would believe it’. So he illustrates how the facts can be presented in a way that communicates what you actually want to say. It’s a wonderful book and I am so sorry I never had the opportunity to actually sit down and talk to him.

My other choice is Stephen King. Not because he’s famous, but because his first book was rejected something like 30 times and he persevered. When I read “’Salem’s Lot” many years ago, it made me realize that I wanted to write, too. I was inspired to tell my own stories.

He also takes the time to teach other writers technique and helps them hone their own craft. And his work ethic is as awesome as Nora’s.

Yes, and then there’s Nora….

Now let’s hop over to the fabulous A.S. Fenichel and see who she chose…but first…

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