Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and happy Tuesday! Hope you had a good holiday. And thanks so much for joining us!

This week’s challenge comes from Clair Brett:

What are your pre-writing/writing rituals. For example, do you light a special candle, have a certain playlist, or a must have cup of your favorite tea before you sit down to write? What gets you in the “writing” mood?

I love to write. All it takes for me to get in the mood is time and quiet. When I’m writing, I have to make sure I don’t have anything pressing in the next hour or so, because I just might miss it. When I’m “in the zone”, everything else disappears. One time, when I was writing one of my historicals, I was so into it that when the phone rang, I had no idea what the sound was.

Which brings me to quiet. Although, after having teenagers in the house, I learned to tune out peripheral sound, I much prefer no noise interruptions. I know many authors listen to music, but I find it distracting, especially when I’m deep in history. Of course, when you live with other people and pets, silence is sometimes impossible to achieve, but it is what I like best.

So, every morning, I have my coffee, check my messages, and put my butt in my chair and write until lunchtime. Unfortunately, my stomach is a distraction I can’t seem to ignore. After lunch and things that need attention, like laundry and grocery shopping, I sometimes find time to sit back down and write more. And I love every minute of it!

Now, let’s hop over to the incredible A.S. Fenichel and hear about her preferences. But first…

Her newest in the Demon Hunters series is on pre-order. You have to check it out!!!

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