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Hello and welcome to our Tuesday hop. Thanks so much for joining us. We love when you’re here! And we hope you’re staying safe!

This week’s challenge comes for the amazing Jenna Da Sie:

FLASH FICTION Write about someone who unexpectedly comes into $20,000 and include the detail: a small black notebook.

It was her little secret. Every week since high school, Elise had put some money into a savings account. Sometimes just a dollar, sometimes more. She recorded the deposits in her small black notebook, but never added up the amounts.

In a month from today she would be thirty years old and she desperately needed a vacation. A nice vacation. Fearing she couldn’t afford it, she suddenly remembered her savings account. Digging out her notebook and a calculator, she was genuinely shocked to see the total: $20,000.00! She wanted to scream, shout from the roof. She hadn’t even missed that money all these years and here it was like a special birthday gift.

She spent the next week traveling the world on her computer and finally decided on Jamaica. There was an all-inclusive, very elegant resort there that offered a private pool, snorkeling and hiking and shopping and great food. A vacation dreams are made of.

Booking her flight and reservations, a surge of pleasurable anticipation energized her. She bought some new clothes, made arrangements for her neighbor to feed her cat, and she was ready. The hardest part was waiting until it was time to go.

Finally, she was boarding the plane and claiming her seat in first class. Wiggling into the plush leather, she looked up when a deep man’s voice caught her attention.

“Excuse me.” He pointed to the seat beside her.

“Of course.” Moving her legs to allow him access, she couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. Late thirties, dark hair and the most amazing blue eyes. He slipped off his jacket and his muscles made her break into a sweat. And no wedding ring.

“Hi, I’m Bill.”


“Business or pleasure?”

“Pleasure.” Starting now. And who says money can’t buy happiness.

Now let’s pop over to the fabulous Jenna Da Sie and read what she does with her new-found money…

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