Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and happy Tuesday. Thanks for joining us today. It means so much! We hope you are staying well!

I came up with this week’s challenge:

What is your favorite spring flower and why? Is it the scent? A memory?

It’s true that I love all spring flowers. The delicate scent of the daffodil and its wonderful bright yellow promises the sunshine to come. The shy crocuses with their purples and whites peeking up always make me smile. And there are so many other blooms that push their way to the sky, reveling in the new warmth and light and bathing in the soft rain.

But one flower in particular defines spring for me: the gardenia. Hiding in the bright green of its bush, its white a sharp contrast, each bloom is like a little gift. When you pick it, the scent is absolute heaven. So sweet and fresh without being cloying. I have never smelled any perfume that could duplicate it.

The blossoms show up in the spring and they seem very fragile, but if you put one in water, it will send the glorious fragrance gently into any room for a few days.  

Gardenias smell like weddings and garden parties and happiness. When people say ‘take time and smell the roses’, I prefer to inhale the scent of a gardenia. I’m not certain if my love of this flower comes from a memory, but I don’t think it matters. It gives me joy. And I think I value it all the more since it comes and goes so quickly and only, at least here, in the spring.

Now let’s hop over and see which flower is the choice of the fabulous Jenna Da Sie…

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