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Hello and welcome to our hop! We are so happy you’ve joined us! This week’s challenge comes for the incredible Jenna Da Sie:

What are the top 3 things you learned last year?

2020 – what a year. Glad it’s over—right! But I think we can all agree some good things came out of it. For me…

  1. I learned to appreciate things I took for granted, like hugs and even handshakes.
  2. My eyes were opened to a new awareness of the world around me. As a writer, I tended to live in a bubble most of the time, but with everything going on, that was no longer possible. Not only was the pandemic a pandemic, but the racial strife and inequality was starkly brought to the forefront. Terrible things were happening in the dark—and now, shining a bright light on the brutality motivated people to action in order to stop it, to make changes that will benefit everyone.
  3. I also was amazed at how many were ready to believe what they were told without question. It is said if you tell a lie enough times it become truth. No, it doesn’t. It is still a lie, just one repeated. But enough people didn’t swallow it and now we have hope for a better future.
  4. And one more…

I learned what an incredible capacity we have to take care of each other in the face of adversity. The essential workers who continue to risk their lives…there are not enough words to show our gratitude.

So, here’s hoping the lessons of 2021 are not so painful…

Now let’s pop over to the fabulous Jenna Da Sie and read what she learned…

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