Romance Writers Weekly


Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. Thanks so much for joining us! This week’s challenge comes from the incredible and talented A.S. Fenichel:

Describe a perfect day either in your life or in your imagination. What would it be like?

The perfect day (for me) would begin by sleeping in until 7. With a new puppy, that won’t be possible for a few months yet, but I can’t wait! Then coffee on my patio while I breathe in the morning and decide how to spend this wonderful day.

A quick shower and off to the keyboard for several hours. Stretch and go eat lunch. Don’t watch CNN while I’m eating since the world is at peace and the pandemic is long over. Instead, read a book.

Then, go for a walk with the (now older) puppy and take delight in her tail wags and pure joy from just being outside.

Back upstairs to write some more, then decide what to make for dinner because, of course, I already have all the ingredients I need for half a dozen choices. I do love to cook! Get it going and pour a glass of wine. Spend some quality time with my husband, catching up on everything before we eat.

After dinner, watch a favorite show until it’s time for bed.

Crawl up into the bed with my husband and try to keep some of the covers while the dog is deciding otherwise. It’s my perfect day so my husband doesn’t snore and I drift off with a smile, since tomorrow will be another perfect day!

Now, let’s head over to the fantastic Brenda Margriet and hear about her perfect day.

But first, don’t miss this chance to sign up for her newsletter and get your free copy of THE LIFE SHE HAD BEFORE, a short story about a woman torn between bitter revenge and the sweetness of a second chance. The new release is coming in March!!!!!!

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