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Hello and welcome to this week’s blog. It means so much to know you’ve joined us! This week’s challenge comes from the incredible Brenda Margriet:

Flash Fiction using Happy New Year, cigars, orchids.

It was New Year’s Eve and I was invited to a party. Unable to find anyone I wanted to go with as a plus one, I agreed to a blind date. As I tore through my closet, rejecting one outfit after another, I wondered what I was thinking to agree to this. Going to a party with my friends accompanied by someone I had never met?

Forcing myself not to allow the nerves to choke me, I continued my hunt for the perfect thing to wear.

Finally settling on a simple red dress that highlighted my assets, such as they were, I smoothed my hair and applied yet another layer of lipstick. Well, no matter who (or what) he turned out to be, I intended to look my best.

At exactly eight o’clock, my doorbell rang. Well, he was punctual and that counted. I took a deep breath and strode to the door, summoning my courage and tamping down my apprehension. Cara had set me up with this guy and I trusted her. I did. (Didn’t I?)

The man standing on my porch was—adorable. Dark hair with a little too much gel, big hazel eyes, tall. It was then I spotted the cigars poking out of his suit pocket. Following my gaze, he laughed and stuck out his hand. “Hi, I’m John and those aren’t for me. I don’t smoke. But I do pass them out at New Years for my friends who do. It’s a sort of tradition, even though hardly anyone smokes anymore.”

Inhaling my relief, I smiled. “Hi. I’m Julie. Good to meet you.”

From behind his back, he pulled a gorgeous plant which he held out to me. “My other tradition is to give something growing for the new year.”

I was nonplussed. “Orchids. They’re lovely. Thank you.”

He smiled. “I know it might seem silly to have traditions like this, but obviously, this year, they’ve brought me luck.”

Happy New Year!

Now let’s hop over to Clair Brett and see what she came up with. But first, check out her $.99 sale on Dealing with the Viscount:

Clair Brett:

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