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Hello and welcome to our hop. Thanks so much for joining us. We do appreciate you! This week’s challenge comes from the amazing A.S. Fenichel:

December seems like a good time to tell us all about your writing plans for next year. Tell us what’s upcoming and why you’re excited about it.

Serving on the Board of Romance Writers of America has definitely cut into my writing time this year. Along with a few other life events. But I have big plans for 2021.

I have two novels started which I will finish and publish next year.

One is the start of a romantic suspense series. It is titled “Murder Most Notorious” and will be filled with passion, danger, excitement and, of course, romance. It will be followed by “Death Most Notorious”, “Killing Most Notorious” and Homicide Most Notorious”. All the books will have villains based on historical murders. But there will always be a happily ever after.

The other book is called “Stay With Me” and is a combination of historical and contemporary. Two women across the years share a bond and, although one is a ghost, they share a cottage as well.

It’s challenging to work on two different books at the same time, but when I get stuck on one, I can slip over to the other. And, they are very different, so I don’t get them confused.

As I think you’ll all agree, bring on 2021! And come the new year, look for new releases from me while I still keep up with the RWA Board work. But then, I do like keeping busy!

Now, let’s pop over to the remarkable A.S. Fenichel and hear about her upcoming releases. But first, check out her newsletter!

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A.S. Fenichel

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