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Hello and welcome to our weekly blog hop. We are so glad you’re here and hope you are safe and well.

I came up with this week’s challenge:

Have you tried any new activity lately? Learn to sew, garden, paint, cook? Binge watch TV? And how is your new hobby helping your writing?

To tell the truth, staying at home hasn’t really affected my lifestyle very much. I have a lot of hobbies that keep me busy and then there is the writing. I am now working on two books at the same time and luckily they’re different enough so I don’t confuse them.

But, I have to admit, since I seem to have extra time, especially in the evenings, I have taken to binge watching all those shows I missed when they first came out. And, yes, many are addictive. I can’t wait for the next season of “Ozark”. It’s so dark and has enough reality to hold me in my seat. And “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Very scary and I wonder these days if some of it is the portent of things to come. But, of course, we women can’t let that happen!

“Damages” gave me a view into a way of thinking I still can’t fully comprehend: do anything, destroy anyone, kill if necessary, to forward your own agenda. Fascinating but loathsome.

How does this help my writing? Just like reading a variety of books, these shows offer insights into human behaviors that are not in my lexicon. Which expands my ability to create more diverse characters. And, also, because of the superior acting and scripts and direction, they are mesmerizing. I just started to watch “Rectify”…talk about dark….

I really have to try some comedies…

Now, let’s hop over to the creative Clair Brett and check out her hobbies…

But first – she has a fabulous new pre-order…

Clair re-order

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