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Happy Tuesday and welcome to our hop. We hope you are staying safe and well! So glad you took the time to join us!

I came up with this week’s challenge:

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three books would you want with you and why?

Three? I only get three? Who came up with that? Oh, I guess I did. Okay, then. How to choose? I guess I’ll pick the some of the books I’ve read more than once, since obviously they are read-again worthy.

First, I’d have to pick “The Hunger Games”. I love that story. It’s not a traditional romance, but it’s all about love: love between sisters, love between friends, love so necessary for survival in a world that tries to stifle humanity.

Next…It’s a hard choice, but I think I have to choose “Ashes in the Wind” by Kathleen Woodiwiss. It’s a romance set in the Civil War and it’s the one that inspired me to start writing romance. And after all that conflict, gotta love the happily ever after!

And last, but not least…I’d have to bring a Bible. If there’s one thing I’d need on a desert island, it’s the belief that there is a greater power watching over me. It would remind me to be thankful for what I have and give me hope in that old saying – it will all end happily and if it’s not happy, it’s not the end.

But if I could bring four (or a hundred) – but no, I decided on three. Of course, I could hope that when I was rescued, they’d bring more books for the ride home!

Now, let’s pop over to the incredible A.S. Fenichel and find out which three she would choose…But first…check out her Giveaway on Goodreads for one for her fabulous novels!!!!

Andrea book for Misleading A Duke


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