Romance Writers Weekly



Hello and welcome! Thanks for joining us! I hope you are well and safe!

This week’s challenge comes from the amazing Clair Brett:

What do you find most difficult about writing what you write? It could have to do with certain scenes, plotting, dialogue, whatever trips you up. How do you approach those things?

The middle always trips me up. I get to about 40,000 words and I go blank. Every time. I know how the book starts, I know how it ends…but the middle…argggh.

I know I should expect it to happen (after fourteen books, it’s become an obvious pattern), even though I hope each book will be different.

And that’s when I break out the fabric and sew something. Or sort through the bling and make some jewelry. Or bake something. Or take the dog for a walk. In other words, I step away and give my brain time to percolate. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it takes days. But, there’s no rushing it.

And then, miracle of miracles, the ideas flow.

That’s the thing about writing. Everyone has a different process, a unique way to keep the stories going. So, whatever works for you, works.

And yes, I got stuck for a while in the middle of this one, too….


Speaking of writing…I just got some inspiration, so until next week…

Let’s hop over to the remarkable Brenda Margriet and learn about her difficulties.

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