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Hello and welcome. Hope you are all doing well and staying safe. Thanks for taking the time to join us! It makes us very happy!

I came up with this week’s challenge:

If you could be any animal, which would you choose and why?

I suppose my first choice—to be Annie with me as the mom.

Annie napping

But that’s pretty predictable. So, my other choice would definitely be – a giraffe. First of all, they’re so tall. As one who has almost always been the shortest one in the room, that is very appealing. And they have great faces with wonderful expressions.

giraffe in tree

I recently had the joy of volunteering at the zoo and one of my jobs was to help the visitors feed and interact with the giraffes. I fell in love with Nicholas. Who wouldn’t?



But as sweet as they seem, giraffes are very protective of themselves and their appropriately named “tower” or group. In fact, when a baby is born, all the females mother it and look out for it. In the zoo, only one male is allowed with all the females, and he becomes very parental to his babies as well.

In the wild, the males declare their territory and the fights for dominance aren’t pretty. Their heads can act as fifty pound clubs to defeat an opponent.

Giraffes are fast and they can kick those long legs in every direction if they are threatened. But, they also kiss and show great affection for the caregivers they know and trust.

Strong and sweet, capable of loyalty, beautiful and graceful. Yes, I would love to be a giraffe.

Let’s hop over to see what animal the fabulous Clair Brett would choose. But first, check out her sale on this wonderful read:

Winns Fall        $.99 on sale!

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