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Hello and welcome to our weekly hop. I hope you are all staying safe and well! This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Brenda Margriet:

What’s your favourite book that “no one” has heard of? That’s a tongue in cheek way of asking you to name your favourite book that isn’t a classic or by an author that consistently sits on the best seller lists. It can be fiction or non-fiction.

I think there are lots of people who have heard of “Bluebird, Bluebird” by Attica Locke, but I don’t know if it’s as famous and well-known as it should be.  It did win the 2018 Edgar Award for Best Novel and that award is very well-deserved.

Let me give you a sample from the blurb:

East Texas plays by its own rules—a fact that Darren Mathews, a black Texas Ranger, knows all too well.

In the middle of a personal crisis that has put both his job and his marriage in jeopardy, Darren takes to Highway 59 on the trail of two seemingly related murders—a Black lawyer from Chicago and a local white woman—that have stirred up a hornet’s nest of resentment in the small town of Lark.

This story has unexpected twists intertwined with the collision of race and justice in America.

The characters are complex and beautifully drawn and I couldn’t put this book down. Then, I immediately read the sequel: Heaven, My Home.

Sometimes I discover an author I haven’t read before and it’s like getting the best present of all. And nothing inspires my writing like reading a wonderfully written book.

I can’t wait to see what the incredible A.S. Fenichel recommends. Oh, and check out her sale:

Ascension-2-2A.S,AS 2

And there are more- seven in all! on sale for $.99…click below!

A.S. Fenichel



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