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Hi there and welcome to our hop. Thanks for being here with us!!!

This week’s challenge comes from the amazing A.S. Fenichel:

Teaser Tuesday: What are you working on? Give us a sample of your work in progress.

My latest is called “Memories Never Die”.  It’s a romantic suspense and here’s the blurb:

A serial killer in her small town in Florida has Detective Liza Boone challenged. Luckily, FBI agent Nash Corelli is on medical leave and living across the street. Together they must find the killer. But, he cannot help her with the nightmares about her sister’s assault.  When Liza is terrorized, can Nash stop the threat? Can he protect the woman he has come to love?

And a little bit of the first chapter:

A drop of sweat slid between Detective Liza Boone’s breasts. Blood pounded through her veins and her temples throbbed. Her joints locked and the gum in her mouth—melted. The taste of death lingered on her tongue, so she swallowed what felt like razorblades, blinked, and forced herself to concentrate.

The victim lay sprawled, a disjointed set of limbs spread out on the concrete like a broken doll. His mouth was open and an even set of white teeth gleamed in the morning shards of light that peeked out through the threatening clouds. His clear blue eyes were wide and seemed to beg for mercy. Or since it was a little late for that, then justice.


Look for it in early March!

Now let’s pop over to the wonderful A.S. Fenichel and read some of her WIP…

And check this out! Her fabulous “Everton Domestic Society” 4-book series is on sale!!!!

Andi's books…



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