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Happy Tuesday. Thanks for joining us today! We are always happy when you’re here! This week’s challenge comes for the incomparable A.S. Fenichel:

It’ s almost Halloween… do you like to dress up? Did you ever? What’s the most fun part of Halloween for you and how do you celebrate?

Remembering some of the years and some of the silly and wonderful costumes always makes me smile. I love Halloween. There are always parties and lots of candy! And there is also fun. This is one of my favorite holidays because you can be anyone you like. From royalty to alien to vampire, the right makeup and wardrobe and you’re there!

Also, there are the wonderful classic horror movies. I love a little scare now and then. I don’t mean the gory, slasher ones. Those kinda make me sick. I mean the ghost ones and Stephen King movies like “Salem’s Lot”. There are the really old fashioned ones, like “Night of the Lepus” about mutated angry rabbits and “The Omen”, as well as pretty much anything by Alfred Hitchcock. TV has a field day with these oldies but goodies this time of year and they are just plain fun.

So whether I’m going out to a party or staying home and waiting for the adorable children in their costumes to show up for treats, I repeat: I love Halloween.

And coming soon…


Now let’s hop over to the amazing AJ Andersen and hear about her Halloween…

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