Romance Writers Weekly



Happy Tuesday and welcome to our hop. So glad you took the time to be with us! This week’s challenge comes from the amazing Jenna Da Sie:

It’s time for a micro flash fiction! Write 250 words with a genre of your choice, the location is a tunnel and the object is a flower.

It’s just too easy to get tunnel vision. Get up, drink coffee, go to work, come home, drink wine, go to bed. There is comfort in routine, but, let’s face it, it’s also boring. I longed for something different, some excitement. And, I was lonely and ready to think about a relationship. The last one ended just as miserably as they always seem to, but it was time to pull up my big girl granny panties and trade them in for some lace.

I decided to start by getting off my butt and taking a walk in the park nearby. I probably needed a puppy to attract the right kind of attention, but the animal shelter was closed today and, besides, that’s no reason to adopt. Although, I did have room in my heart.

So, tennis shoes on, and off I go. It was a beautiful day, perfect blue sky, warming breeze. I walked about fifty yards and looked around. And suddenly, up comes the cutest dog you ever saw. With a flower in her mouth. And a very handsome man walking just behind her.

Now let’s pop over to the incredible Jenna Da Sie and see what she came up with….

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