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Hello and welcome to our hop. We are really happy you joined us! This week’s challenge comes from the fabulous Dani Jace:

Entering the “dog days” of summer in my area. Do you have pets? What type and how many? Do you write pets into your stories

These summer months have been a time of sadness because we lost our beloved Jakita.


She was the best dog. She sat at my feet every day when I wrote my books and she was the most loyal, loving, most stubborn, funniest…well, you get the point. I miss her terribly.

But the house was so quiet and empty, we decided to get another dog. A puppy. I know. What were we thinking? But, we saw little Annie and it was love at first sight. And it helped ease the pain. We actually don’t get to pick her up until Friday and I forgot how much is involved in raising and training one from scratch. She’ll only be eight weeks old. So, no sleep for awhile. But look at that face…

Annie 1

I’m a little nervous, but I’ve been to the pet store to stock up on supplies and I think we’re ready. Maybe. But again, look at that face.

As for writing pets into my stories…”The Defiant Bride” features a horse like the one I had (although horses really aren’t pets) and “The Dream Dancer’s” Bryce has a great dog.


I realize I should probably write about pets more often. There is no greater comfort than their unconditional love….

Now let’s pop over to the wonderful Dani Jace and hear about her pets….

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