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Hello and welcome to this week’s hop. So happy to see you! This week’s challenge comes from the amazing A.S. Fenichel:

It’s been a while since we had a Flash Fiction. Write 500 words using Coffee, Blue and Waterfall. Bonus points if you include a kiss. 📷😉

Here’s mine:

The day bloomed bright and warm, the sky a brilliant blue. Tammy dressed quickly, poured herself a cup of coffee and sat at the small kitchen table. Restless, she got up and walked outside.

Her small cabin overlooked the valley below and the greening of springtime filled the eye with endless meadows and peeking wildflowers. The rushing of the river as it tumbled over the waterfall nearby was the only sound, except for the birds calling love songs to one another. Peace. It was the only word to describe all this.

But this morning, that quiet contentment had been shaken. Inside her house, the gorgeous man in her bed still slept, or so she hoped. She needed a few minutes of quiet time to think. He had proposed last night, and it had shaken her to her core. Rest had eluded her, which was why she was up so early.

Two years ago, she had fled from a monster who had, in front of God and everyone, promised to love and honor. Instead, he had broken her nose, cracked several ribs and fractured her arm before she had the courage to run.  She had been so stupid. She believed him over and over again when he said he was sorry, that it would never happen again. Until, finally, she knew better.

She changed her name, moved to this distant spot and had taken only jobs that would pay her in cash. But she never felt really safe. Would not feel safe until the man she no longer thought of as a partner was dead or, at the very least, in jail for a very long time.

Then, eight months ago, she met Bill. Terrified, self-protective, she had resisted his kindness and offers to help.  He had never raised a hand to her, never verbally abused her, been nothing but patient. The only anger she ever saw was when she described her old life.

Little by little, he broke through her barriers and slowly, agonizing so, she had finally let him into her heart and her bed. And, now, she was—what? In love? Yes. But in order to make a future with Bill, she would have to legally extricate herself from the old life. The thought of facing that jackal had fear coursing through her veins like hot lava.

Living in a state of terror was exhausting. The very idea of freedom from the past and starting anew was exhilarating. But was she brave enough?

She looked down at the warm drink in her hands and decided she wanted her life to be a full cup. Stepping back into the house, she strode into the bedroom and kissed Bill awake.


BoundMorocco_eBook_HighRes (2)tiedmorocco_ebook_highres and “Freed From Morocco” coming this fall….

Now, let’s pop over to the wonderful Dani Jace and read hers….

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