Romance Writers Weekly



Happy summer and thanks for joining us. We are so glad you’re here! I came up with this week’s challenge:

It is hot! What food or drink do you recommend to cool the heat of summer?

Two words…ice cream! Really, is there anything any better than licking an ice cream cone when the heat and humidity are so high you just want to hide inside? And the best part: a kabillion flavors to choose from. If you’re in the mood for something light, there’s sorbet. Or how about a simple choice like vanilla or chocolate. Something more exotic? Decadent? Pretty much anything Ben and Jerry’s. But there are seriously so many choices. Fabulous!

And then there are popsicles. They’re so cold and sweet and satisfying. Or you can choose real fruit bars for the more health conscious (okay, they might have lots of sugar, but it’s a treat, right?). Or, how about an ice cream sandwich or one of those cones with the chocolate and nuts on top.

Okay, so not only am I a little bit cooler just thinking about all this, I am now starving. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the freezer. Hey, it’s hot!


Let’s hop over to the incredible A.S. Fenichel and see how she keeps her cool.

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