Romance Writers Weekly



Hello and welcome to this week’s hop. We are always so glad when you join us! Here is this week’s challenge…

The official start of summer has begun and romance is in the air. What tales of summer love do any of your character have to share?

“Texas Summer” is a tale of summer love that lasts all year long. The passion and the intrigue fuel the story, but it is the romance between two unlikely characters that truly raises the temperature.

Wylie’s car breaks down in Texas and he becomes entangled in a web of greed, lies and murder, but he also discovers the woman of his dreams.

Kennedy has been waiting her whole life to find a man who will nurture her and give her all the love she needs and deserves.

Together, they must fight those who threaten everything, including their very lives.

Summer evokes images of picnics and splashing in pools and long walks. But there is also the heat, brought both by the dazzling sun and the desire to fan the flames.


Now let’s pop over to the amazing Brenda Margriet and hear her summer tale…

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