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Hello, happy holidays and welcome to our hop. This week’s challenge comes from the wonderful Jenna Da Sie:

Do you have any holiday plans? Do you like to go on vacation or stay at home?

This year we are moving to Florida right after New Year’s. So now we are pretty much living out of boxes and our furniture has dwindled to a few chairs, a couch and a bed. Everything else is at the new house, waiting.

So that means no decorations, no tree. But that’s okay because we have so much to look forward to. No more snow or temperatures below 32 degrees; we even have a palm tree in the backyard and I’m going to plant a lemon tree. I am pretty excited. I can’t wait to sit out in the sunshine and read and write and be warm.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have holiday spirit. Christmas is about doing for others and no matter where we are, we are still celebrating the essence of the holiday. And remembering what the season is about all year long.

So, wish us luck as we finish packing and leave here for warmer climes.

Happy Christmas! Oh, and look what just released!!!!

Grave Importance

Now, let’s pop over to the incredible Jenna Da Sie and find out what she has planned…


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