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Happy Tuesday and thanks for coming to our hop. This week’s challenge comes from the incredible Fiona Riplee:

Pumpkin Spice is in full swing right about now. It’s a crazy fall phenomenon that I look forward to every year. What are other crazy autumn activities that you look forward to?

Craft shows! You know, those dastardly events they hold every autumn to make you buy their gorgeous, one-of-a-kind items that you cannot possibly live without. This weekend, for example, we went to one where I had to have a hand carved wooden trivet, a small piece of stained glass and a beautiful liquid silver bracelet. Seriously, I had no choice. And, there’s another one next weekend. Can’t wait!

Sweaters! I definitely prefer summer to winter, but autumn is such a nice break between the two. There is nothing cozier than snuggling into a warm sweater and sipping on a cup of hot tea. While reading a book, of course.

And Halloween!  I love Halloween! I look forward to the kids in their costumes knocking on the door, and eating the leftover candy until my teeth ache. I love the scary movies and the paranormal atmosphere. And ghost stories. And the full moon in October promising all kinds of “hide under the covers” things.


I am not a huge pumpkin fan, but I do love driving around and seeing all the leaves explode with color. So beautiful.

I will definitely miss autumn next year. Florida’s idea of the fall is most people’s idea of summer. But that’s okay. I still bet they’ll have craft shows.

Now, let’s pop over to the wonderful Fiona Riplee and find out what she’s looking forward to…


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